Oil Millionaire App Scam Review

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Oil Millionaire APP Review;Oil Millionaire App is Scam;

Can you really make a $1000/day with this new automated OIL trading app and potentially become a millionaire? Let’s explore this question in this post. This is one of the recent applications launched just recently yet we didn’t receive any feedback besides questions from traders asking for feedback on this offer Oilmillionaireapp.com.  Oil Millionaire APP is old proven scam that has refurbished recently.


Oil Millionaire App


Since we haven’t written a previous review regarding this misleading service we will take our chance and expose it now, with high hopes that we will prevent everyone from signing and losing money with them! Oil is an interesting commodity and we would love to find out that our initial impression of the Oil Millionaire App was false, however in most cases and supported by folks who post comment on our warnings, these applications/systems or schemes are usually over rated, some are pure scams and we come to realize it fairly quickly.  Oil much like Gold is one one of my favorite commodities but unlike our review on Gold Digger, this app fails to hit the punch for reasons we will explain.  We would suggest to any interested trader who is thinking of joining this app to review this article in its entirety before making any investment decisions.


Oil Millionaire APP Scam Review Findings:-

The Oil App is supposed to trade Oil on binary options better than experienced traders. It is supposed to make you a millionaire. And as usually with these scams, you will get it for free.   Olsson also says that with the Oil Millionaire App you can trade oil with other people’s money, that you won’t risk a cent. That is of course a lie. You have to open a binary options account and deposit at least $250 as is the case with most trading accounts.


Landing onto the oilmillionaireapp.com, you can’t experience anything interesting or intelligent, there is only one presentation video and nothing more.  The alleged CEO, Donald Olsson aka OIL tycoon aka OIL hacker, is hidden behind voice over acting! You know why? The answer is pretty simple, we have made Google search in order to confirm his claims of being a real trader who made millions form trading only the commodity OIL! Guess what? We have found nothing on him, no Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, no real verification on his story from any news portal connected to the online trading industry, just nothing. Well now we have the answer why he is hidden behind voice over presentation.


Besides the clearly fake identity of the OIL Millionaire APP’s creator we have many fabricated screenshots and over-promising statements. This include the fake claims of “you going to make at least $30000 per month and you are going to receive $1000” only for signing with this software, which are all fiction of imagination and have no reliability in them.


Within oilmillionaireapp.com there is nothing authentic or trustworthy. Fake identities, phony documents and overall no reason to trust and invest with this fraud operation. We recommend that staying away is the best option in this OIL APP CASE!


Final Verdict: Oil Millionaire APP SCAM WARNING! Don’t lose money stay away from this bogus software.


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Mike's Autotrader


There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Oil Millionaire Trading App will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment in less than two months. The inconsistencies are there to be seen and we for one would suggest looking at better options that have a more clear cut policy about them. If you are looking for a solid alternative and a tested software, please visit our Mikes Auto Trader or the Dow Jones Focus Group Review which have been time tested.

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