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Dr Binary Is a Scam Signal Service!

Dr Binary Website Reviewed: Dr. Binary.co

In this Latest Review we expose Dr Binary as Scam Trading School, we want to warn you about. This is a newest trading system claiming to make vast sums of money without providing you valuable or insightful information on strategies and trend analysis.

According to the presenter Dr. Binary is a signal service and educational school, two in one. After you sign with this software you are supposed to receive free education and knowledge on how you can trade binary options successfully. The thing is that with Dr Binary scam you get only misleading information.

In reality Dr. Binary itself is an automated trading software rather than a training tool. It is similar to many auto traders that we have reviewed thus far and that is to predict outcomes of a trade i.e.. a signalling service. We can confidently say that the entire story about Dr Binary is not a true one.

First the video presentation and the website narrations are short; it has failed to explain what the system is all about. We have also noted that this Dr. Binary is a fiction of imagination and is all made up.

Snapshot taken from drbinary.co:

Dr Binary Review


We then noted various fake personalities all around the site. Eric Olsson from Stockholm for example claims to have managed to generate 25k using the Dr. Binary education, okay how is this possible if he is non existing person like the Dr. Binary himself?


Annelie Johanson from Oslo, Norway. Achieved even more staggering result and for 3 months she reached 40 grand. Amazing but can’t be real because Annelie is also fake personality. These are all Stock images.


We find in our review extremely hard to swallow most of its claims because they are far from the truth about binary options market. When it claims to train you, you may begin to wonder if it is training you on how to trade financial assets market, or is Dr Binary trading review goes to train you on how to use its system


Example of a fake Dr Binary Review on YouTube


Next misleading fact that caught our eye is the 100% satisfaction guarantee badge and the claim that Dr. Binary scam uses only licensed broker. The badge is fake its non-click able and does not lead anywhere, we can’t really understand what will happen if we are not satisfied?


Dr. Binary scam is just another pathetic service that came up hoping to steal some money from the newcomers to the industry! We couldn’t find anything intelligent inside the service’s presentation page and at this point we strongly advise you to avoid Dr. Binary!


Final Verdict: Dr. Binary is a Scam!

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