Elite Gold Profits Review

Elite Gold Profits Review
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Elite Gold Profits Review; Scam Binary Software!!

Elite Gold Profits is the latest software to have gone viral.  If you searching for the answer to the question ” is elite gold profits a scam ‘ ? , then you have reached the right review site.


Please don’t even have the slightest doubt about the intentions of the alleged “Nigel Pearson” and his new make-money software.  Like so many before they seek to target new binary options traders or those who are seeking for opportunities to make money with online trading.By the time you have reviewed our review in its entirety , you like us will effectively come to the same conclusion that there is nothing Elite about this system.


Elite gold profits is not registered

The first thing that would convince you as to whether a program is real or not is whether such a program is registered. When you check the site at BBB that is the Better Business Bureau, you would discover that the elite gold program is not registered, accredited nor endorsed anywhere besides on a few generic sites and by online marketers who are promoting this system for their own gain.


Even if you check the name of the publisher, you would discover that the name Nigel Pearson does not have anything to do with financial assets trading. The only thing that you can discover about the name is that he is a successful football manager and has nothing to do with binary options market. It is not surprising that publishers of the scam program decided to use the name of a famous personality. They want to create the impression that such a person was successful because he relied on their program. This alone would force you to join the elite gold profits system.


Why would a legitimate website put pictures of famous actors on their pitch page? without any consent, simply to create a good impression, you will find the pictures of Roger Federer, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey and of course all of them are using the software or agreed to be featured on this scam pitch page, we highly doubt it…


Elite gold profits software  Review summary

  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Browser pops soliciting email capture: yes
  • Unreliable scarcity counter: yes
  • Fake revenue generation: yes
  • Look as it authentic: no
  • Convincing profit proof: no
  • Scam possibility: 100 percent


Elite Gold Profits is a new binary software that’s supposed to make traders over $1369.75 today.  In these images that follow we can see success rates of over 98% and traders making over $150,000 in jus 57 days. None of it real of course and all Fake.

Elite Gold Profit Center



Lets go over a few quick points as to why we think Elite Gold Profits is no good

1) Not Registered – Elite Gold Profits (Elitegoldprofits.com) is not a registered company with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they are not accredited or endorsed anywhere.

2) Non- Trusted Review Sites  – Few Affiliates like quick cash systems do endorse this sites but these sites as we have seen are biased and their opinion doesn’t count for more than a toothpick

3)Fake CEO – Nigel Pearson is a well-known FootBall manager in his profession and we were unable to find any software owner or CEO by the same name who deals with software or online trading.

4) Pressure Tactics – You have exactly 2 minutes to sign-up… a sign that they are in a rush to scam and run.

5) Annoying Pop-Ups – When we try and leave the site that have a last minute pop-up saying they are going to give us $10,000 right now.  On return they claimed to have made over $3 billion dollars .  Yeah right!

6) Fake Testimonials – One of the guys can be found on Fiverr offering testimonials for a measly $5 AND if you’re familiar with similar scams, he’s also been on another one.

7) Cherry Pie Topings – The developers insinuate that celebrities like Beyonce, Roger Federer, George Clooney and Oprah all use the Elite Gold Profits Software.  In the video we are shown images of all these high profile celebrities.  The developers claim to have been in service since 2004 but their web site domain was only registered two months ago.  Nigel Pearson claims that he is done making millions for rich people and he wants normal traders to take advantage of his system now.


Elite Gold Profits Review

Elite Gold Profits Review


When you go through the web content, you would observe and review so many sales tactics.  Like other similar sites, you would notice that elite gold profits software applied fake pressure to convince you to join the program before the offer closes. It tells you that you have just 2 minutes to apply before it closes. You would stay there for even one hour and you would see that the order is still available. The pressure it puts on its readers is to force them into buying the product thereby creating artificial scarcity.


The Elite Gold Profits is just one of many new scams that are marketed with the promise of millions.  You’ll be required to deposit $250 to $500 before you can trade.  However, we suggest putting that money into better use as these people are up to no good. It is true you can earn money through binary or fx or any niche online but it takes time, dedication and lots of practice.


We recommend investing on a quality broker if you are keen on trading.  We also recommend demo testing strategies, signals or any system you may decide to adapt before going live.  If you have any feedback or questions concerning the new Elite Gold Profits please share it with us so are other are alerted before -hand .


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Binaryumpire.com is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed.Instead of trying this system that has so many flaws, we recommend that potential investors look at at tried and tested services which thus far have received positive feedback.


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2. XE Trader – A top notch looking autotrader
3. Optionbot 2.0 – The famous of the signals services in this industry
4. Gold Digger App – For traders who love trade with commodities


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