Elite Millionaire Society Review

Elite Millionaire Society Scam
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Elite Millionaire Society Review

The Elite Millionaire Society is a SCAM! Plain and simple.  Have no doubt that there only intention has nothing to do with your well being. This review will look to this recently launched app that has been the focal point of many biased email marketeers bloggers who have not intention to evaluate the system for its accuracy but to join the developers into deceiving you into investing into this so called “free system” with the promise of untold riches!!!


Elite Millionaire Society Scam


We found plenty of hard evidence that you guys need to consider so you’re not ripped off by EliteMillionaireSociety.com. Read some of the evidence we gathered to find out why you shouldn’t be investing a single dollar!   Elite Millionaire Society is allegedly created and run by ‘Thomas Boyles’ who is the main focal point of the Elite Millionaire Society promo video when you first land on the website. We immediately recognized the individual as a popular stock photo who we uncovered on numerous occasions as an actor who posed as the developer and or beta tester for other scams similar to the Elite Millionaire Society Scam.


So here we have it again Mr Boyles on istockphoto.com presenting his next scam. Our loyal subscribers would have noticed this scam veteran from Profits Now App Scam and the Proven Profits Scam. We were hardly surprised but just to provide more proof for this review that this guy isn’t real we decided to search for even more evidence in Google. We managed to find that this guy had no Facebook profile or LinkedIn account for anyone matching his name and face or ‘veteran trader’ past experience claimed on the video.


Thomas Boyles is 100% FAKE!

Elite Millionaire Society


The second point we’d like to make is that looking at the site itself, Elite Millionaire Society has a ‘Live Results’ widget. They promise $1,200 per day on the EliteMillionaireSociety.com site.  However when we look at the trades with our charts they simply do not sync up .  Some of the signals taken were almost 100 pips out of the rates claimed evon the site! This just screams scam to us and is another reason we looked for more evidence as to why you should avoid this Elite Millionaire Society like the plague!


Next in our Elite Millionaire Society app review we want to talk about some familiar faces in the testimonials section of the video. The first person we recognised instantly was “Hanoi66” or should we say Ian from Fiverr.com who is another veteran for participating in such scams. The video claims these guys to have turned an account starting with $250 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Funny considering they aren’t even real people! We also couldn’t find anybody with the names or pictures of the written testimonials on the site.


Elite Millionaire Society Testimonial


Elite Millionaire Society Fake Testimonial


Based on the above evidences pertaining to EliteMillionaireSociety.com website we can only come to one conclusion.  Elite Millionaire Society is a scam designed to rob you of your hard earned cash! It is definitely not recommended for testing and your best bet with this app is to AVOID this app altogether!


The Elite Millionaire Society is like all the other scams before it and the ones still to come. You should be as vigilant as possible and only stick to trusted and regulated brokers along with respected blogs. You should always be sure to check out reviews from trusted blogs in the binary options industry to ensure maximum safety when depositing to a new software.


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