Fisher Method is a scam?

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Fisher Method is a Scam! Honest Review

“Is Fisher Method a SCAM?” or “Is it Legit or Not”, the reviews associated with this bot software are very misleading and very deceptive. It is likely that you would have heard of the fisher method via email, social media network or the search engine results.


The Fisher Method by Jacob Clark promises some fake stuff that makes us laugh.  He inclines to suggest that the software is generate 10,000 signals per day with a 96% accuracy.  Don’t make us laugh?  Is this even feasible?  First let’s start with the professor Jacob Clark. He does not exist. His photos come from a marketing database and are used on a variety of different web sites. Jacob Clark is a fictitious person.  Google Fisher Method and you will find endless results supporting the scam?  All fictitious of course.  Jacob Clark made up this story, he will push you to open an account and deposit at least $250 in the first step. If you then trade your account with his app, you will lose your money. Plain and Simple


The “method” was ever broadcasted on SkyNews, BoomBerg Television, TNW or CBSNews.  This would certainly give them some strength and power but its all fake of course.



If you registered with the Fisher Method and have been SCAMMED, then  dispute any credit card transactions with the brokers they are working with.  Jacob Clark the founder of the “Fishing for victims scam” does not exist, the alleged CEO of the  website! Just do a Google picture search and you’ll find his face on other websites promoting other offers.


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