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Forenx Forex
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Forenx Forex Review

The Forenx Forex System operating via portal the subject of today’s Review. The signalling application is designed to appeal to ‘would be traders’ by portraying themselves as as educational providing institution who are able to provide training to would be investors who wish to learn the forex industry.  They are so assured that they have offered the would be investor an assurance that would be traders can achieve a 10% return on a daily basis for this software.


We are all for the education , however what we do not simply know is whether this is the Forenx Forex app is right portal given its lack of creditability in the trading world.  When we visit the website we are greeted with a simple one page website which doesn’t tell us who this company is and what they are all about.  The signs of a Forenx Forex being a scam are there as they do tend to entice newbie traders to $5000 real money basis and suggest that there are only 10 spots left which is obviously a sales tactic used to entice the un-knowing traders to invest in this software without performing and due diligence.

Forenx Forex


In addition to all this the website also suggest that due to high leverage traders would be risking very little and profiting from higher returns.  This thinking is incorrect .  High leverage trades carry high risk.  The higher the leverage the higher the stakes.  Clearly this simple point is being used to mislead unknowing traders who do not have experience of the forex market like we do.  For a clear understanding of the Forex basic terminology please refer to our forex basics page.


Forenx Forex suggest their a registered brand name of Inter Global Ltd. Inter Global Ltd suggest they do not provide services to residents or entities from certain restricted or sanctioned countries. We tried to find more details on this Inter Global Group but found no evidence on any google search, indicating that this company may not be all that it is cut out to be.


Forenx Forex


There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Forenx Forex App will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment . The real testimonials are non existent and the bits of data we managed to see does not indicate a clear cut policy about them.  We will therefore not be endorsing this software on this occassion.  If you have any experience with this software please feel free to share it with us so we can get a more accurate view of this company and its trading app.


Should you wish to try a proper Forex Broker rather than Forenx Forex App, we would recommend See our review which we have first hand experience of and are fully regulated.  They also offer a free demo account for you to try and out and see if Forex is for you.  For more about Markets please feel free to check out their website by clicking on the link below

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