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Cash Crew System Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Cash Crew is another software that hit the internet recently. It appears that the quickest way of making money online is to produce scam software relating to financial assets market. Please read this review carefully before you decide to to sign up to this software.


Technological evolution have made the evolution from traditional trading where you had to call a stock broker to buy or sell an asset to a more online platform.  This has made it easier for products like the to act as a more direct interface between the retail trader and the broker.


Since its production a few days ago, their video presentation has gone viral. Its high definition video production is such reassuring that many people would be deceived into thinking that they were dealing with reliable software. Today we have evidence and hard facts for everyone who may consider to join the Cash Crew!


Please read this review carefully before you let the alleged George Patterson, and his imaginary son Steve, convince you that anything they are telling you is true. Nothing adds up when it comes to


There are many reasons to sustain the argument that Cash Crew software is a fraud. If you want to ride nice cars, and live in the best mansion, you can use the system, so the promoters want you to think.  However the truth is the complete the opposite.  It is always advised that new and existing traders perform due diligence before investing.


If you truly want to be successful and have an aura of security with your investment you are most likely better off like trying tried and tested service like those shown on our signals page  These services have received positive reviews and have been time tested and results oriented.


Here is a quick example of how Cash Crew is unwilling, and obviously unable, to provide potential software users with evidence. Jason O’Connel from Birmingham, the “happy member who made over a quarter million dollars” is actually Sam Muirhead, a German filmmaker.




We have searched online for the real identity of people behind the website; we were not surprised with what we discovered because it has merely confirmed our suspicion about the software. All the actors were paid actors, including the lead actor called Sarah Markel who we found was a highly successive fiverr actor.


The front line picture is also a picture actor.  One may confuse him for George Patterson but the reality is much different. The unverifiable CEO George Patterson is nowhere to be found unless you research for specific reviews related to Cash Crew. This indicates that he too is fiction of imagination.




Is the Cash Crew System Free to use ? 

Like other scam systems that we have reviewed here, Cash Crew software claims that it is offering the APP free, but when you want to use it, you would discover that you have to make an investment of at least $250 to a broker of their choice before you begin to use it. If it is actually real, it could at least allow you to test the software before using it.


Can Cash Crew APP deliver Accurate signals ?
The answer to this is no. You cannot get accurate signals by using cash crew software.  So far what we have discovered that Cash Crew software is disconnected from the market and the need for honesty is thrown and trust are taken for granted by this team.


The overwhelming deceptive tactics and lies on the site are great in numbers and it would be awful for us to ignore. We can only hope that this warning, a real Cash Crew Review for once, will help save day-traders from a well-designed scam.


Verdict: CashCrew is a SCAM!


We would advice all our readers and subscribers to steer clear of this product and conduct some research before joining any signals service


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