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Guaranteed Payouts is a SCAM!

Guaranteed Payouts is the latest Scam software that we look to expose. If you were thinking that you would be making $10,000 per minute using this bogus system, you have to think twice because you cannot earn that amount of money by investing $250. You have to read this Guaranteed Payouts scam software review before you decide to use it .


Before we delve into the conflicting information regarding the Guaranteed Payouts Scam, it is important to understand the credentials of the brains  behind the system, better known as Victor Langley.  The Guaranteed Payouts developer claimed that he was an engineer with a company known as Global Networks company. Our search on him did not give any indication that he was a binary options trader. After searching the search engines and forums as well as endorsement websites, there is no leading information about the producer or the system.The Guaranteed Payouts Method so far has been bashed by the forums judging from the negative feedback .


Perhaps, the strangest bit about the Guaranteed Payout software is the claim that it works on the fundamental law of physics.   This is a simple indication that it is not based on any empirical algorithm. This simply shows that Guaranteed Payouts signals it delivers to you are not real trading signals. This is sufficient to warn you on the need to stay away from this scandalous software.


What is Guaranteed Payouts?

The Guaranteed Payouts software application aka is a binary options signal service that claims to be able to accurately predict the future movement of financial assets.  It is predominantly an auto trader that is used to generate signals.  It has also been developed and designed to conduct trades on your behalf using the pre-set investment per trade setup during the account registration process.


Is Guaranteed Payouts any good?

After you have registered at the app, the system will redirect you and prompt you to make a real money deposit at a binary options broker. Usually this is a minimum of $250 or even more. After this, the Guaranteed Payouts app will automatically place trades on your behalf at the broker.


Since the app claims that it’s accurate, you will supposedly be able to earn massive amounts of money. And all is this offered by the Guaranteed Profit app completely for free. Sounds too good to be true? – Read on this review and let’s assess its validity.

Guaranteed Payout Spots


The Team behind this so called ‘Guaranteed Profit Software’?

Victor Langley, the alleged developer of this website and the ex-senior engineer of an unknown “global networks company”, claims to be the first person ever to guarantee the profitability of a software. Awesome, however, when we do try and find out more information on social networks and business news websites we cannot find much information leading us to believe that the ‘so-called’ ceo is a fiction of imagination.


Shady brokers

Once you have registered at the auto trader you will have to deposit money at one of the binary options brokers they recommend. You will quickly notice that the brokers they recommend are shady at best.  None of the reputable and licensed binary options brokers we have reviewed in the past are being recommended by this app. This is not a coincidence.


 Shady Broker associated with Guranteed Payouts

Guaranteed Payouts Broker



Fake Widgets shown on the promotional video

On the 2nd page, notice that there are only 90 spots left. Come back in an hour, day or a week later and you will notice that Victor Langley will still be pitching the same BS, not that a fake “memberships left” count-down widget would be any better, but why push people to join if there are only a few spots left anyway?


This deceitful loser, Victor Langley really pressures members towards the end, rushing you to act fast! Certainly not enough time to land on this review before you end up wasting your money with the profit generating app.


Verdict: Guaranteed Payout is a SCAM! 

Commenting and sharing this review and help spread the word. If you are a victim of the The Guaranteed Payouts System, please share your feedback below and help us deter any potential users who may be considering to join. Thank you for reading this important review and stay safe!

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