Ipipz Signals Hedge Track Trader Review

ipipz signals review
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iPipz Signals App Review!! Hedge Track Trader Review!! Scam Exposed!!

iPipz Signals App and Hedge Track Trader are scam.  Make no mistake about it.  This detailed review will not be an endorsement of this services provider but a cautionary warning not to trust everything that has been published on the ipipz.com and hedgetracktrader.com web portal.  This service which came first into being on the 06.04.2016 which was the domains registration date features a lot of shady content that just isn’t conducive to a professional binary options signal provider.


The ipipz signals app service which claims to provide a high rate of success is in fact a copy cat service that are insinuated on false premise and fake testimonials.  Do not be enticed by the 60 day trial that the presenter Glen Martin promises.  This service will start your monthly subscription at $99 per month which is fairly expensive  and not suitable for new traders who are new to this industry.


ipipz signals review


It seems when we look at the ipipz signals website the whole site is being presented by shady promises and further endorsed by paid actors/testimonials.  More on those later. We would just like to have some fun and point out something trustworthy that about a statement we found on the ipipz.com which we feel depicts  this site  perfectly.


ipipz Signals Review

The creators behind this software clearly do not know the difference between  ITM (In the Money) and OTM (Out of Money) when it comes to Binary Options Trading.  Such basic mistakes clearly indicate that we are  dealing with a novice and given the sites young age we probably dealing with an amateur who does not have the experience to conduct a professional trading service.


ipipz Signals Review


Now, for some more evidence to put a lid on this Ipipz Signals Scam.  First the presenter who delivers a convincing one minute video is not a professional trader but an actor that we have seen time and time again.    He is a he is a Fiverr actor, his real name is Ivan Nicholo.  If, the signals are not coming from real traders and they don’t have trust worthy verification to be reaching 87% should we trust them?  The simple answer no we cannot.


This presenter who also features in the Hedge Track Trader Software clearly is quite popular among fraudsters.  The Hedge Track Trader App which promises returns in excess of 400% clearly is hyped!! He claims to be the CEO and creator of both Ipipz and Hedge Tracker scam systems, but the only problem is that Mr. Martin is nothing but a scam himself.



Speaking of fakes and paid actors, the ipipz trade software testimonials from various so called satisfied customers are just as fake. At the bottom of the page there are various from people who claim to be using the iPipz Signals and have been profitable!


Testimonial Actors as seen on Traders Revenge and Safe Cash Method

Ipipz Signals Software Scam EvidenceIpipz Signals Software Scam Evidence



iPipz Signals Scam and Hedge Track Trader Review Conclusion!

We are pretty sure our valued readers would have found the whole story to be a bit far-fetched and the expectations unrealistic. Protect yourself before you fall victim to this nasty  scam, because the creators , the conspirators to this app aka the email marketeers, the biased reviews aren’t taking any prisoners.  We pride our selves in giving as much information as we can about new products that hit the market.  In so far as the characters all are paid testimonials that have been recruited by the  true developers who remain anonymous.


  Final Verdict: Ipipz Signals App and Hedge Track Trader are scams!! Avoid!!

Not Recommended for Testing

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Strongly based on the evidence found we recommend that you avoid both these applications.  Please feel free  to leave comment if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend Copy Buffett


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