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Insured Profits Scam Review

Insured Profits Synopsis- Wouldn’t you love it if you could do trading without having to worry about whether your trade wins or loses? Insured Profits suggests that our profits are all insured whether you win or loose. This bot got so viral on the internet? That you could not make out ‘heads or tails’ on whether it was a scam or not?


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The Slogan  : “I’ve Found A Way To AUTOMATICALLY Exploit The Binary Options Niche To The Tune Of $7,000 – $32,000 Per Week By TRICKING Brokers Into Handing Me $20 Profits When I Win, And Taking Back JUST $2 When I Don’t!


What Is Insured Profits?
Insured Profits is the next generation of binary trading products. Instead of focusing on getting more winning trades than losing trades, it focuses on getting maximum profit from your winners and minimal losses from your losers. Sounds simple right? WRONG?


What the Insured Profits creators are essentially saying is they have created a piece of software that will:

a.) Make it so your losing trades only lose $2 (How exactly? They don’t explain this)
b.) Make it so your winning trades win the full $20 (How exactly? They don’t explain this)
c.) Automatically assign winning trades to whichever result occurs the most, be it a call or put. (Probably via some Harry Porter Trick).


Bottom line is you don’t have to worry about how much you win or lose, because any combination of wins/losses will result in you making a profit. It is easy to ignore rationality over desires. Insured profits plays to people’s desires but promoting things like bucket loads of cash, fast cars and big houses.


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Exposing Insured Profits

There is some very suspicious resemblance between the Insured Profits and other scams we have researched thus far?

-Highly questionable level of profits with little or no risk element being mentioned if at all
-Questionable Reviews from people who are supposedly have beta tested the product
-Search Page Reviews showing similar themed reviews with splash back pages for people who try and exit


In short, the entire presentation seems ‘fixed’ and its time for the authorities to pull out the ‘big red card’ . Advice is to avoid Insured Profits, which is probably a scam.
If you have an experience or an opinion relating to Insured Profits, please share with us by commenting below this post. Any feedback is greatly appreciated .


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