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Interactive Option Scam Alert!!

Please read this important regarding the Interactive Option Scam that has taken the market by storm. Following our review early this year assessing the credentials and broker facilities, Interactive Option Review we have received further information pertaining to this broker. of this The owners and CEOs of Interactive Option, Rudy Jermoune and William Davila, a brand of Pegase Capital Limited, it has been brought to our attention have been involved in lots of suspicious activity and mischievous behaviour which highlight the extent of the Interactive Option Scam tag judgement that seems to best fit how the company has been behaving recently .


It has also come to our understanding that they are being investigated for and lately have come under intense scrutiny by CySec.  We would urge all our clients to resist any further further investment with this broker and to proceed withdrawing any investment as quickly as possible.  If you have an active complaint with the broker we would also advice you to contact your credit card company. had been fined by CySEC for $100,000’s earlier this year for multiple violations.  They kept this so much under the wraps that the true extent of the chaos is now being seen.


We have also noticed that live testimonials of 1000’s of traders have been posting their negative reactions on many forums and blogs, including ForexPeaceArmy, Watchdog and other several of the authority sites.  This is really bad news and despite the impression they left that they had mended their ways the truth is far from reality.


In truth this firm has engaged in severe malpractice by conning their customers and withholding payments from their key affiliates and marketeers. This is not at all.  We have always said that customer service is of paramount importance in this industry and should any broker or auto trader have complaints of this nature , it does not bond well for the company and presents a ‘big red flag’ overall.  What we have noticed is that this broker was skating on thin ice and were brushing all the negativity under a carpet.


What does it mean for Interactiveoption members?

When an organisation turns against their own employees and refuses to pay their advertising partners for months, their own partners and friends turn on them and it’s been confirmed that Rudy Jermoune and William Davila withdrew much of the company’s revenues into their own personal bank accounts and fired several employees. Their own partners are reporting that Interactive Option is withholding payments for over 3 months.


Regardless of what happens with Interactive Options, we have seen enough to  steer clear of this company.  We would urge you to do the same.  CySEC.GOV may have fined them but we are sure this would not be the only penalties they may face as the fire begins to reach its climax.


They have continued to violated the accepted business practices as outlined by Cysec and governing bodies for EU regulated brokers. They are now in debt and looking for a way out, and when scam-artists get cornered, they look for means to an escape and cut their losses in the process.  It would be better if you distance yourself now from this company whilst there is still a chance.


Please remember to share your feedback below this updated review and you are welcome to share this information. This news is fresh and may concern many but you’re better off abandoning the ship before it sinks.  All the information in this review is real and should concern you, we encourage other blogs and forums to share this and discontinue your association with .



Interactive Option Scam regulatory status:- but for How Long?

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Please share this review and comment below. We can only hope that you do not have any funds investment with them, but if you do, contact your credit card fraud department and file a disputes as chances are that you might be successful.


As with this company we do not know what the future holds for them but them but we strongly advice not holding at connections with them or their associated companies.


Verdict: Interactive Option is a SCAM!

Please also be vary of th Forex brand under their ownership: MTX Plus

For more viable options compared to this broker please refer to our Regulated brokers page. If you have any questions or want to suggest that we conduct a review on a certain system, feel free to contact us so that we can get right on it.