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iRobot Software Review
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The iBinary Option Robot Software Review!! iRobot Scam System App Exposed

ibinary Option Robot Software Review.  In this detailed review of the ibinary Option Robot Review, we will look to expose real facts that we have uncovered regarding the iRobot app as presented on the ibinary Options Robot System Applications platform.  We will also look to highlight specific anomalies that we have uncovered whilst conducting our research into this trading application as hosted on ibinaryoptionrobot.com portal that indicate this binary options system is nothing more than a scam that best be avoided for all investment purposes.


The iBinary Option Robot Review; iRobot Scam Conundrum 

We start this review by assessing what the iRobot System is and what it does?  iRobot Software  as developed by the iBinary Option Robot team from an eagles viewpoint as developed and hosted by the iBinary Options Robot team is supposed to represent an investment opportunity that facilitates Binary Options Trading and markets its self as a “Risk-Free” system that works on complete auto pilot with an success rate of at least 85%.


Ibinary Option Robot Scam Review: ibinaryoptionrobot.com

iRobot Software Review


That is where the first contradiction arises with the iRobot App claims as a totally risk-free system but yet has a 15% chance of investment loss.  Something does not fit there and it seems that this figures and stipulations have been plucked out of the air and into the software’s web page.


Now let us assess this 85% Average Win Rate as the developers of iBinary Option Robot System put it and what it means when it comes to getting up a piece of our share of the $4 Trillion Market.  This percentage is not bad in the context of Binary Options Trading.  The only reservations we have is Where is the Proof?  and What does Average mean? See this term can mean over a period a week or a month.  What is to say that you may be struck out before this average ratio takes effect. The answer is nothing.  This ibinary Option Robot Software which is supposed, that’s fully web, based does have high tendancy to be very vague when it comes to the specifics that new users look for when assessing the statistics or key performance indicators surrounding a trading program of this nature.


If you wanted to find a true depiction of what the iBinary Robot System or simply wanted to find out whether this web based system is a scam or not then you have come to right place.  This iBinary Robot review will bring to light the true hidden facts showing how the trader is nothing but a pure scam. It surely will change your mind in case you were thinking of starting to use the spurious program. If you would like to try a software that has been proven to work by independent beta testers world wide than we can recommend this trading tool that has received positive testimonials and receiving good reviews across various authoritative sites


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The iRobot Software Background History

The www.ibinaryoptionrobot.com website was initially registered on 2016-03-15 by the most popular domain age checker Who.is, which is just over 4 months from the time of writing this ibinary Option Robot Review. In that time the statisticians behind this trading application have claimed the auto-trading system has generated over 17000 signals with approximately 2000 plus happy traders.  That is quite an accomplishment given the short life span the iRobot app has had since it first went live.


The iRobot App claims to be a trading application works on the basis of some some complex algorithms when sourcing signals. These include 6 advanced trading indicators that traders can select or deselect them on their trading sessions. When selecting multiple indicators, the software will execute a trade only when all the selected indicator will show the same signal (PUT or CALL). In case that even 1 indicator will show a different direction, no trade will be executed for that assets. When using more indicators, our software will trigger less trades, but more profitable.  This is in far contrast to the initials system suggestion that no experience is required and this application being completely automated. The truth is there is no indication of any of these indicators being showed by means of a real demonstration that we can visualise and substantiate for the purposes of this review.


What about the Free Demo IRobot Promotion?

The iRobot software for binary options investors as presented by iBinary Option Robot App is not a genuine auto trader that based on real performance or results. The whole system is being based upon deceit and lies with false forecasts of what users can expect to achieve. The creators of this website are aiming to lead you into their trap by promising you a free demo account.  This may sound intriguing prospect, however make no mistake that this is only like the Bonus plots we see with countless scams that with exposed in the past.


When we try and register with the iRobot scam software started asking us for money. $250 was their demand. This is standard fee for most brokers as a minimum requirement. Believe us; their entire marketing campaign is based on falsehood and fake promises and guarantees.


Verdict: iBinary Option Robot Scam

iRobot App Not recommended for Testing! 

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iBinary Option Robot Review Conclusion

Let’s set the record straight in reference to these so-called “Risk-free Automated Signals,” these terms are often the composite work of shady rogue dealers who do not know squat about the trading industry. Binary options is highly risky and lot’s of scam operations leverage on the great demand for quality systems and brokers. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page


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