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Currency Movers Forex Scam Exposed! Kaizen Global Scam!! and are the latest fraudulent online money-making schemes to have been released in the marketplace.  These scams which are both web-based entities work in parallel and are connected to each other.  We have deduced them both as scams that are purposely guaranteeing get-rich-quick schemes to online traders!


The websites being presented are designed as an educational guidance for novice and intermediate forex professionals.  This system which begins as the currency mover’s trading system app actually shows a similar offer that you can see from a scam company known as Kaizen Global. This scheme in actual fact is a two in one package that you get, both of which you have to pay money for, and both which can actually work out more expensive in the long run.


Kaizen Scam App


Kaizen Global is the company which portrays itself as a financial investment guru, whilst currecy movers app is the vehicle that leads viewers into the Kaizen Global Scam. The voice over CEO, Andre Campbell, is nothing more than an individual actor who has been recruited to present pre-scripted notes that portray a solid foundation of the benefits of


Currency Movers App

Forex Trading – Currency Movers App

The benefits of Forex Trading are good and can potentially be a good method for generating a stable income.  The connection between Kaizen Global and Currency Movers App is a strange one and can be confusing to what should otherwise be a relatively straightforward process. Utilizing a legitimate trading platform with proven strategies can help enhance your chances when it comes to forex trading.


Why is Currency Movers App a Scam?

An obvious red flag that screams SCAM is the fact that there are no real personalities used to portray the Currency Movers app. The deceitful messages may sound appetizing to the reader who visits both portals and but make no mistake there is nothing authentic or genuine about them. Promotional videos that are voice over narrated and gloat full of promises which cannot be independently verified are more likely or not Scam, that best be avoided.


Currency Movers App Scam


On the video are photoshopped images, fake testimonials, pyramid structure & most of all fake promises.  The Currency Movers scam has even left us dumbfounded. The scam has been particularly well-crafted and designed to convince newcomers to invest heavily into the software. The most dangerous elements with this genre of scams are synonymous with blacklisted apps.


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Their guarantees, photoshopped bank account images and fake testimonials, none of these are present with the Currency Movers scam. The presentation of this software attempts to provide information about their supposed services. One of those videos features supposedly “Kaizen Global CEO”, Reza Mokhtarian, who explains about himself and their software. Reza Mokhtarian, the CEO of Kaizen Global, essentially offers a pyramid scheme that promises the hope of generating vast sums of money by participating in one of two memberships available at Kaizen Global.


Kaizen Global CEO


Kaizen Global claims to implement a sure-fire scheme which guarantees easy money making strategies after becoming a member of their software. As part of their elite membership that members can choose from two forms of memberships that you can choose to join would be the Customer or Distributor membership.The customer membership comes with a price fee of $169.99 per month while the distributor membership starts at a price value of $185.99 per month. If you notice the software closely, this is the theme of get-rich-quick schemes to trap investors.


Essentially when you sign up with the Currency Movers Forex system, you are signing up with Kaizan Global with the customer membership where you will receive signals from Currency Movers team of “professional” traders while being able to take advantage of the educational incentive operated through the Kaizan Global interface.


Currency Movers App Pyramid Scheme


The presentation of Currency Movers scam is quite extensive & elaborate. They certainly seemed to have provided a well executed & extensive argument for the Kaizen Global Scam. However, there are small commonalities that they share with regular scam websites which give them away from such as the use of the words “guarantee” and the fact the whole ploy was presented by an actor. The distributor license for Kaizen Global fulfills the representation of a pyramid scheme. These con-artists also know you are using the interest to search for legitimate ways to make money online from home and have devised this scheme promising worldly riches without any substantial & verifiable evidence to back up those claims.


Currency Movers scam makes the usual promises that all get-rich-quick schemes employ. Their claim states that you can make a whopping $40K per month using their software. This shows that the currency movers app is more of a pyramid scheme than a forex trading system.


If you come across the currency movers app, we strongly encourage you to stay away from it. To remain profitable it is always advisable to learn the art of Binary Options and Forex Trading. Applications like the Currency Movers App & Kaizan Global Scam are major scams that will deplete your investment before you know it.


Review Verdict:  Currency Movers and Kaizen Global are SCAMS!

Blacklisted Websites: &


Currency Movers Investments App is a tricky and problematic software. The lack of honesty surrounding this sytems are becoming easily evident. When we look at this website or around the web we could not find any evidence that any legitimate testimonial has been made about the Forex Investment Scam.




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