Rich Mom Profit System with Maria Lopez

Rich Mom Profit System Maria Lopez
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Rich Mom Profit System With Maria Lopez Review

Rich Mom’s Profit System,presented by Maria Lopez  gets down to business and says that you will be getting, for free, one license of the Rich Mom’s Profit System, plus 24/7 customer support, and finally, you will receive a welcome bonus, or a matching deposit of your funds, once you’ve funded your broker account.


Right at the start Maria Lopez shows us her bank accounts with millions of dollars in them and her broker account. The screenshots are fake, of course. How do we know that? That’s easy! Maria Lopez is NOT a real person, she is actually an actor hired by the creators of the Rich Mom scam. Check her out Leanna Pareja’s (Maria Lopez) very cool commercial for Harley Davidson from October 2012.



Rich Mom Profit System Maria Lopez


Rich Mom Profit System trader “Maria Lopez” is really Leanna Pareja, a Colombian girl from Southern California, who began her career as a model and then became an actor.    The Maria Lopez of Rich Mom Profit System (Leanna Pareja),  is actually in reality Colombian actress who has been cast in several different movie and TV roles.



Rich Mom Profit System


You might recognize her from “The Jerk Theory” and “Dallas” films and from other movies and TV Shows.  To view her complete photoshoot, see: Leanna Pareja Photoshoot. Leanna Pareja is also a philanthropist who travelled to Ethiopia, Egypt and Central and South America to help poor people. It is unfortunate that she is now involved with this application.


At the bottom of the Rich Mom website you will find names of traders who are supposedly using the Rich Mom software and the amount of profits they just made. The funny thing about this is that the same names repeat themselves in the same order: Lael, Shaina, Octavia, Shara… and if you reload the page the same names will always appear in the same order but with different sums of money next to them.  Some of these Rich mom testimonials we have also identified as actors who have been involved in scams themselves including such as Mark who is in fact a fiverr actor.


Another feature they have on the bottom of their page is a “Licenses Left” backward counter, like most other scams we review. And unsurprisingly, it will reach 0 but you will still be able to sign up for this software because it’s a lie; there is an unlimited amount of licenses left, but they want you to make a quick decision to join them so that you won’t change your mind once you give it a second thought. By the way, if you reload the page, the number of licenses left goes back to 20!


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