Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Binary Brain Trust
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Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

The Binary Brain Trust is certainly a SCAM and the some! BinaryBrain Trust is no secret trust fund, in-fact you are considering to join the software don’t. It is more likely or not that you may have received an email invitation or seen some biased article promoting this article.  We on the other hand prefer to look at the facts and look for live testimonials before we provide any endorsement.  Let’s start with the alleged “Martin Clayton” who presents himself as the Founder & Chairman of this Binary Brain Trust.


Martin Clayton is the founder and chairman of Binary Brain Trust. He says that he created this binary options trading system five years ago, as a way to guarantee profits for his clients. He claims to have 55 professional traders and financial analysts working for him in offices around the globe.


Binary Brain Trust


Binary Brain Trust software has allegedly been developed to replicate trades made by a team of top binary options traders around the world. Some of these professionals are trading manually from their own analysis and trading strategies. Some of them are using automated systems that rely on signals generated by software that uses a complex algorithm for market analysis.


Binary Brain Trust, according to was created March 2016.  Martin Clayton claims that he created this app 5 years ago. Furthermore, we couldn’t find any reference to Mr. Clayton anywhere you’d normally locate an individual, such as Linkedin, Google and Facebook, yet he only exists in the realm of scam reviews not to our surprise. Binary Brain Trust is supposed to be a new binary options trading software and like most autotraders this software trades is supposed to trade for you various currency pairs using various technical indicators.


Binary Brain Trust claims to have generated millions of dollars to day-traders around the world. Lets be clear that the only one who has profited from this app is the so called trustees and their associate scam brokers.  “Hurry! Make a guaranteed minimum $5000 per day” is the main title on It’s hard to miss the deceptive “22 Spots Remaining” widget, the most over-used pressure tactic we’ve seen.


Binary Brain Trust Scam Review Summary

Limited Scarcity Widget:Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


In addition to this we also noted that the testimonials presented by binarybraintrust app are also fake.  The images displayed are stock photos.  At no point during the binary brain trust video presentation where we presented with real results or shown any live results.The fake Bank of America snapshots are not very convincing either, considering that we’ve seen it used by scam sites over and over. In reality you won’t find the slightest evidence to support the existence of Martin Clayton or the validity and performance of this option trading software.


On the website, below the boxes and button for signing up, the official logos are displayed for Forbes, CNN, HuffPost and Technorati. These respected financial channels have no association with Binary Brain Trust. None of them has ever endorsed the software or featured it in an online review. These registered logos have been added to the scam webpage without any authority and are only there to give the false idea that Binary Brain Trust has some credentials which it has not.


Review Verdict: Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM!

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