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Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group Review

Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group is the best manual signal service out there in our opinion! It’s not often that we encounter a transparent group of on line traders who are dedicated to their members. In most of our reviews we warn traders against potential scams.  Today we see a milestone being reached with this of 5000 members, a true testament of the group going strength to strength.

We crossed 5000 members !!!

Michaels Facebook Group Celebration


We at Binary Umpire are privileged to find a group that has given so much to its members, we feel it best to honour them with a review.  We wish we could say the same thing about many other software’s and groups we have reviewed in the past.  But the reality is that Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group is a rare breed for it continually looks for perfection and is dedicated to ensuring the both new and existing traders have a strong support facility in which they can learn the art of trading and follow real life traders who trade 5 days a week.



The reason Michael Freeman Signals Facebook group is so profitable is because Michael has employed professional traders to analyse the market and provide profitable signals for all members of his private signals group. These professional traders are market analysts who are capable of producing winning signals consistently. Michael Freeman is also one of the traders that provides signals via his facebook signals group.


Michael Freemans Signals Group


Finding a reliable mentor such as Michael Freeman or a signals service for binary options is extremely difficult and most of the systems out there are fake, they offer no transparency, communication between traders or a real track record. Instead, most binary options ‘Auto Traders’ and signals providers manipulate traders with false promises and are designed to make you fail.


This group offer quality signals 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Many have traded for years and others are complete newbies to binary options trading completely. However regardless of your trading background, everyone is able to follow the exact same signals and profit.  Check out this video on a recent video showing a 100% performance.


The admins in Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group are one of a kind and generate an ITM ratio 0f 75%-85% week in week out on average.  We have even seen occasions where they have literally destroyed the market with a flawless performance.   The signals are sent to members via Facebook, but there is an option to configure Facebook to send the signals to you via SMS or Email directly. Most importantly, because there are many professional traders in the group, you are able to receive the signals 24 hours a day, so your time zone is irrelevant and it does not matter what time you are awake.



 How to Join Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group

If you want to be a member of Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group, you can still receive an invitation to join from us upon making a deposit with any broker or signal service available on our site. Please be sure to follow the steps below, in order for us to add you to the group.


Steps to becoming a member

  1. Clear your browser cookies
  2. Register with one of our Brokers or Signal Services
  3. Send us an email to onlinebusinesskits@gmail.com with confirmation of your deposit.
  4. You are in!! We will add you to the group immediately upon receiving your email.
  5. Happy Trading!!


April’s Testimonial on Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group


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Mikes Auto trader has been created by none other than Michael Freeman and offers traders a chance to take advantage of the signals derived from his top traders. I’m pretty excited about this new software because Michael Freeman is a true ambassador of the industry who has inspired hundreds of traders by promoting various strategies as well as keeping his followers up to date with the latest developments within the industry.


Mike's Autotrader


Mike’s AutoTrader is a unique service which gives you the best of both worlds. On the one hand it gives you trading signals which boasts between 75%-80% ITM results.  On the other hand it gives you full control over your trading account.  Only you decide if you wish to take a trade or not.  This is in far contrast compared other auto traders which tend to restrict your ability to take a trade or not take a trade.


Michael Freeman Signals Facebook Group Conclusion 

This wonderful group is a secret signals group on Facebook owned by Michael Freeman. The group has more than 5000 members traders including its admins. This signals group active 24/7 but signals generates by the admins and the TOP traders 24/5 (Mon – Fri) with up to 90% ITM ratio performance. The admins, TOP traders and the traders themselves are from all around the world, this is what makes this signals group so unique and special!  Michael Freeman , his dedicated admin , traders and members look forward to welcoming you to the group and profiting from their wealth of experience.


Michael Freeman Imposter

Michael Freeman Imposter
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Michael Freeman Imposter- Be Vigilant

It has come to our knowledge that an Imposter posing to be Michael Freeman has conned a few honest hard-working people. We feel that given the reputation of Michael Freeman a few people will try to pretend to be Michael thus taking advantage of the brand that Michael has created as an ambassador of the industry for their own personal gain.  In this article we aim to highlight how individuals can become more vigilant thus avoiding falling victim to these con artists.


Who is the real Michael Freeman?

In case you are looking for the real Michael Freeman, here is some information about him:

Michael Freeman’s real and only email is tradingbinaryonline@gmail.com.
Mike’s YouTube channel is: YouTube.com/user/MichaelFreeman101.
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/FreemantWitts 
Facebook: Facebook.com/MichaelFreemann
Linkedin: LinkedIn.com/pub/Michael-Freeman


Please comment below this article if you have any information about Michael Freeman’s imposters, especially if you have been scammed by one of them.

Nigerian Fraudster

From our understanding an imposter posing to be Michael Freeman has been operating from Nigeria.  The Nigerian imposter has violated data protection laws and breached privacy laws by impersonating Michael Freeman. First, he uses a variety of IP’s and some fake names and emails including Michael Freeman name in order to convince naive traders to invest in him with the promise of high returns.


This particular Michael Freeman Scam used the message below to lure in unsuspecting traders so they could steal their money


“I don’t know why people by this time still finds it hard to make successful trades, it amazes me because even all my students have successfully made their own students millionaires just with the masters class strategy. well if you feel you don’t earn much or you are not successful trading i will teach you for free, let me say it’s my little way of doing my charity to the less privileged email me on michaelfreemantrade@gmail.com”


In one case he was succeeded, and one of the real Michael Freeman’s subscribers transferred his money to him (almost 60,000 EUR) which has left the victim distraught.  We have found out that some of the IPs he has utilised is ( which has been to the country of Nigeria.    He tends to utilise michaelfreemantrade@gmail.com as his main email address to conduct his business. This email is a fake email and not associate with the Real Michael Freeman.


Other Imposters

We have also found from that other con artists have been using similar devious means .  In particular the following emails were used to dupe people into making investments.



The type of information they give one when contacted tends to be of the following nature:


Extract from communication with BigMikeTrading.01@gmail.com

“If you want to learn how to trade…i will send you a step by step video on how to trade and win your trades also how to do a 60 seconds trade and also long term trades…besides that i also offer trade for me services which is…i help you trade and you pay me a trading fee of $100 monthly i have 96% win rates so you shouldn’t be afraid of loosing because you wont….,reply me Asap and lets get started ok.”


Extract from communication with MichaelFreeman.Trade4Me@gmail.com

“I give a 100% assurance that in no distant time, you will get back all you have lost and make much more profits. if you are a beginner as well as a non expert,this is for you.
Trade is highly profitable if you are using the right strategy and system it is also frustrating for those that lacks a good system to trade and a good signal provider.
The Online Trade 4 me is the most recommended! Your personally assigned expert does virtually everything for you! You receive daily SMS profit of your daily day trades direct to your mobile phone(with weekly withdrawals upon).”


From our research these imposters associated with these email addresses have costed their unknowing victims in excess of $12,000.  Let’s be clear that such assurances are no different from the scam auto bots. They promise high rewards but end up being nothing more than ‘hear say’ and a ‘scam.’


Remember, Michael Freeman is an ambassador of this industry .  He has helped countless of individuals by showing them the right path in terms of how to trade? He has also countless individuals who have fallen victim to brokers gone rogue and fake auto traders.  No professional trader will trade for you .  It is best not to anyone who offers you to trade on your behalf.


Michael Freeman has also been heavily involved in countless of charities and continues to do his bit for a good cause.  In particular he has been been heavily involved with two charities Syrian Orphans and a Little for a Lot. This speaks volumes about the integrity and character of Michael.


Here’s an article by Michael Freeman in which he introduces himself: BinaryOptionsChannel.com/The-Truth-the-Past-and-Mikes-Real-Name/


Join Mike’s Binary Options Group on Facebook

Our only goal is to focus on trading so we can continue and provide our members with great results. All the evidence to support the claims that the group is successful are available on my YouTube channel.  The group together generates over 30 signals every day and our the top traders the admins have never dropped below 80% ITM for months.


Join the famous signals group –Mike’s Signals Group on FaceBook with over than 2500 traders for FREE without no cost, no one time fee only support my work and register with one of my Top Brokers. I highly recommend on Mike’s AutoTrader as the Best AutoTrader in the industry and it’s also for FREE.


P.S. If you would like to join Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook or even just to support my work, you can do so by clearing your cookies and signing up with any of my Top Brokers.


Mike's Autotrader




Our Conclusion:

Remember, Michael Freeman or any other real professional trader will never trade for you so don’t trust anyone who offers you to trade on your behalf. If you have fallen for this scam, please report to us.


I will keep updating this page as more complaints arrive. You are welcome to email me complaints about Michael Freeman imposters or any other binary options scammers. As usual, I remind you to subscribe to my website if you haven’t done so already in order to receive my scam reviews directly to your email.


Thank you for reading this review