The Millionaire Trader Biz Review!! Scam Exposed!!

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Millionaire Trader Biz is a SCAM? Detailed Facts Review

Millionaire Trader Biz – Please read this important review before signing up to the Millionaire Biz website : –  To cut straight to the chase beware and avoid this pathetic scam of an auto trader . It is most likely or not that you would have received an invitation or come across a biased blog which endorses this product. We officially can state that The Millionaire Trader is one of the worst applications we have seen in a little while and we would strongly advice our readers to be vigilant and steer clear of this product and the promoters who authenticate it.


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Millionaire Trader Biz Scam


Why Millionaire Trader Biz is a scam?

When we got information about the Signals APP, we decided to review it. The situation of the method was such bad that there is hardly any useful information from the Millionaire Trader Biz website to analyse it. In our determination to protect our readers, we owe it as an obligation to warn anybody who intends to use it to desist from that because it would rip you off.  Millionaire Trader Biz has been launched officially last week.  The production team of this system did not hesitate in the video to criticise  their previous failed software, Prime Analyst.   


If you go through the Millionaire trader biz, you would see yourself that this is following the same path as its previous version.  This product is nothing but full of misleading information. When we opened the website, we were greeted with the information that there were only 5 copies of the software left, and that we have just 14 minutes left before the whole copies were exhausted. After 15 minutes have elapsed, we still get the same message and the five copies have continued to be there.  When we decided to dig a little further and look for endorsements from reputed portals we could not find any information on the millionaire Trader, Phillipe Green brings nothing also, no one has heard of him.  He simply does not exist.


The few things that are visible in the page of millionaire trader biz are looking very misleading. First we have total fake voice over actor that is trying to convince us about the legitimacy of his product. He claims that he is trading binary options for two years and he managed to generate over 9 million dollars?  At the bottom of the poor made site you will notice the sign “ © 2014 All Rights Reserved “ Why 2014? The software official release date is 19.11.2015.


Then you may wonder, how come were feeding us with false information that their system was established more than two years ago, while it was actually established a few days ago. If they had beta tested the software, they did not tell how and when they tested it. As long as that important information was lacking, nobody would believe them.  On the next page of the millionaire trader you should notice some of Mr. Phillipe Green’s students. 


Millionaire Trader Biz Users

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Review of the Bogus Claims 

Another thing that scares people away from Millionaire trader biz is its bogus claims. It claims that it can make users high income in a few months. Though with a good software, you can make a reasonable amount of money, but that does not mean that you are going to become a millionaire within a short time.  The Millionaire Trader Biz software is offers for free as a fully automated signals service that works automatically for you.  Philip Green the so called presenter, a fiction of imagination claims that by using this Millionaire Trader Biz app you could earn substantial sums of money. This conicides with the marketing driven headline that this free software makes $850,675.31 per month.


Final Verdict: Millionaire Trader Biz is a Scam! Stay away from this scam software!!!

To sum up this review we will conclude that the Millionaire Trader Biz software is exactly the same scam service as its predecessor the Prime Analyst. We strongly urge that you should avoid this product and instead sign up to a regulated broker or recommended signals provider that has been proven over time.  For these information please check out our contents and select a particular service that suits to your personal taste and trading requirements. If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch the free video of our nominated product otherwise please feel free to carry on reading the rest of our review.


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