Millionaires Code Scam Review

Millionaires Code Review
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Millionaires Code Scam Review

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The Millionaires Code App by Matt Daniel is the latest trading software to have been released in the Binary Options Industry and the main focal point of this review.  This app which tends to be a fully automated software promises returns for any investor who invests in this trading application will achieve the Millionaires Code towards financial freedom and enjoy the perks of being a millionaire as well.


In previous times we have had fake wall street employees, programmers and analysts trying their hand to deceive new and existing traders from falling into their long tailed stories now we have got an would be former attorney joining that repertoire.


Matt claims to be a former legal representative of the judicial system claims to have cracked the millionaire code with this app.  He encourages everyone to look at this scam with intent as he feels that this application is a binary options trading winning app that beats everything in the markets today.


The alleged founder with the help of a few IT programmers designed this software allegedly after being consistently frustrated at seeing scams ripping people off.  Typical saintly behavior and very thoughtful of him don’t you think. Nahhh… Not for one second, this is just another attempt at  luring traders to sign up to yet another fake without disregard to the retail trader desires and ambitions.


In the Past we saw a Secret Millionaires Club being setup and even where given to a Millionaires Blueprint now we have the Millionaires Code which wants to join this elite club of scam Millionaire Apps that promise a lot but in mere fact are nothing but total garbage. We would encourage any one who might be interested in this auto trading software to read our Millionaires Code Review to read our research and go over the evidence we have gathered as we feel that in the long run this may save you from wasting your time and resources on this scam app.


Millionaires Code Software Review

The Millionaires Code App is in mere fact meant to be a web based algorithm based portal that is supposed to be designed to make binary options trading profitable , easy and fully automated.


Millionaires Code Review



The system which operates via the web link probably has achieved 2 out of 3 of those requirements.  But the main objective of it being profitable is seriously questionable and highly debatable when it comes to this application.


The Millionaires code trade application which supposedly is meant to be by “invitation only” claims you can make $49,800 within sixty days of using this app.  This even without pushing a single button as the software is designed to source and conduct signals straight on your broker platform all on auto pilot.


The Millionaires Code which was registered on the 17.04.2016 claims to have a win rate of  87%.  However, throughout the video we could not find any real trades being showed live or proof that this program is that accurate and has the potential to achieve returns that would warrant the name the Millionaires Code App.


Millionaires Code Scam Facts

  • Matt Baker is not a legitimate trader.  We could not even find any evidence of the so called millionaire attorney having achieved trading success in Google, Social Media Forums or Trading Journal.
  • The Acclaimed CEO is a well known actor who can be found on the selling his services as an  actor


Millionaires Code Scam CEO


  • The Millionaires Code has a lot of pressure sales tactics that are highly visible through the promotion.  The usage of scarcity widgets, limitations spots, fake bank accounts are evident throughout this the introductory video.
  • We also noted a few well known actresses who claim to be successful beta testers that have tried and been successful with this trading software.
  • The expectations and profit insinuated through the whole site are unrealistic, overstated and definitely do not represent prudent money management strategies that are required to be consistently profitable in trading.


Millionaires Code Software Conclusion

We do not believe the Beta Testers shown on the Millionaires Code scam Website are genuine.  We have reason to believe that these images are stock image photos.  We also feel that the promises and expectations that system portrays to the public are over stated and unreal.  At no time did this system disclose the appropriate risk disclosures which are mandatory and easily identifiable among regulated brokers and traders with a decent reputation.


Verdict: Millionaires Code Scam; Not recommended for testing

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