Mobile Money Millionaire Review; Avoid Scam Now!!

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Mobile Money Millionaire Review!!

The latest bogus software to hit the street this week, The Mobile Money Millionaire App, has started in similar fashion to other fake auto traders.  Invitations have been sent via email to thousands of individuals by promoters who are paid to provide positive endorsement on this product.  Unfortunately, those individuals who sign to this auto trader without performing any due diligence are more likely or not going to get burnt.


A careful examination of the Mobile Money Millionaire 2.0 App, leads us to believe the only outcome of this software is negative.  That being said this review will now look to provide you without any reasonable doubt that this auto trader and their promoters are up to no good and that you are better off simply deleting the email that you would have received from the biased promoter.


This Mobile Money Millionaire binary trading software has been developed by Dean Barber and his team, specifically for use on smart phones and other mobile devices. The Signals App does also tend to work on a laptop or desktop computer but its main target audience is mobile devices.   The Mobile Money Millionaire system is so simple that when the app is installed on a phone, all you have to do is click to start trading in binary options.


The Mobile Money Millionaire domain is only a month old,  and yet even its short history its bold statement that it made 250 users… $7,572,481.74 in only 4 short months does seem a little bit exaggerated to us .”   This ‘red flags’ keep on coming and it makes it difficult to take this app. seriously.


Mobile Money Millionaire



The next ‘red flag’ comes in the form of a very tempting offer made by Mobile Money Millionaire to anyone thinking of joining “Dean Barber’s” system.  Dean Barber if that is his correct identity promises that if you do not meet your goals with the software he will personally give you $1,000.   Unfortunately, in our research we have found no evidence when researching for this review that this Dean Barber actually exists, so we think it is very unlikely that anyone will receive the promised amount when this trading system has let them down.


The bank statements by the CEO “Mr D Barber”, a name probably thought up at his local barbers show snapshots of a bank statement that dates back to July this year.   Unfortunately we can’t verify if these are genuine as they could be made up via photo shop. The video contains many stock images of luxury cars and houses with pools. This exact same images appear on thousands of scam websites promoting easy ways to make millions.


Mobile Money Millionaire




Fake Trust Badges in Website 

The Mobile Money Millionaire scam also shows fake badges on the website, supposedly showing that it has won awards for Top Profit System of 2014 and a Software Award for 2014. If this really is an exciting new app that is only now being released at the end of 2015, as is claimed, then how is it possible for Mobile Money Millionaire software to have gained awards in a previous year!


Let’s talk about the authority of the Mobile Money Millionaire 2.0 App… In the video, Mr D Barber claims that this app is getting massive news coverage and lot’s of review sites are endorsing the application. Just do a quick Google research and ask yourself if the type of sites that gave this fraudulent Mobile App a positive review, are sites with any credibility…


The only blogs we found with positive reviews for the Mobile Money Millionaire scam are generic, promotional blogs associated with a network of scams.  The positive ratings the Mobile Money Millionaire received on the Google App Store and Apple Store are all fake, they must be counting on many newbies not doing some research before, otherwise we really don’t understand why they would lie so blatantly.


The Pitch video on



In our investigations for this review of Mobile Money Millionaire software we have uncovered plenty of evidence that this is a scam. The video and website are set up to attract people with no knowledge of the financial markets and leading them to believe that they can make money by doing nothing more than funding a trading account and downloading a phone app.


Verdict: Mobile Money Millionaire is a SCAM!

The conclusion of this review is that we do not recommend downloading the Mobile Money Millionaire App. It is unproven and is supported by fake credentials. We do not want to see people losing the money they deposit in a trading account, and we do not believe in the promise that any traders using this system will be recompensed for failing to meet their goals.


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Mobile Money Millionaire XE Trader Option

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