Money Making Mom Scam (Breaking News – A Financial Echo Alert)

Breaking News - Money Making Mom Scam Alert
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Instacash aka Echo Software (Money Making Mum App) is a Scam

Money making mom part of the illustrious Instacash crime wave that can be found on a website called Right away we have confusion as to the name of this Binary Options product. Is this the Money Making Mom review or the Financial Echo review?Instacash aka Echo Software who created the MoneyMaking Mom and are the same serial offenders.


These multiple names have been created to confuse day traders and diffuse the huge number of complaints they are receiving on the internet. Consumer Affairs have recorded no less than 171 complaints for InstaCash alone. Before committing to this software please read carefully our honest review.


Full Review for Money Making Mom Instacash Software

As soon as the page loads a video starts to play featuring a bogus news program and presenter. There is some dramatic music and a “Breaking News” logo on a couple of TV screens in the fake scam studio.


“AMAZING: £8,000 a Month? A 24-Year-Old Single Mother Grabbed The Opportunity”

Breaking News - Money Making Mom Scam Alert


That is the attention grabbing headline over the Money Making Mom video. The scam presenter then tells us how more and more people are working from home and that one woman has found a great way of earning extra money.


The main websites related to InstaCash are Financeherald-de and .  The warnings were originally triggered with email reports of inboxes being spammed with thousands of mails. The main promotion is that of a 24 year old single mother who grabbed her opportunity and became a millionaire under three months.


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The creator is this software, the alleged Ashley Green recounts how the penniless mom grabbed the opportunity by the horns, and whilst the system was still in Beta Testing, she was making $10,000 a month. Apparently she stumbled across some software which is in a beta testing phase and guess what there are only a limited amount of copies available! So I imagine that we are against the clock again, ho hum.


Well the 24 year old mom is no one other than Fiverr’s A-List Scammer Kate.  Kate, by her own words is a Top Rated and Featured Seller as well as a Super Seller and UK Fiverr Ambassador. You can check out her profile on  She is a serial offender and has been exposed in a number of other scams on our site such as Samaritan System and the AutoWealth Bot to name a few. She uses her home screen in her very marked bedroom to record cheap and fraudulent testimonials.  See evidence below:


Money Making Mom
Money Making Mom

The Money Making Mom

Money Making Mom

Any way “Ashley” is only working 10 to 15 hours a week but still managing to rake in £6000 to £8000 a month. Not too shabby Ashley are you absolutely sure about that? Are you telling the whole truth? Is your name really Ashley? Are you sure you’re not a fiverr actor doing a paid for fake scam testimonial?


Hold One Sec! Are you not the illustrious “Cindy” from the profit with Cindy brand of scam binary option software.  Of Course You Are!


She babbles on about sophisticated algorithms being able to predict the markets based on trading history “and so on” yes she really does say “and so on” I think that must be a new secret technical term for the people in the know. These financial guys know all the tricks don’t they! Oh Ashley, fancy showing us your bank account balance! How much? Over £4000 well that’s good enough for me it must be true?

Money Making Mom Review Scam

Not really as the name is not real.  It should say Cindy (Profitwithcindy), No Kristina Jones (Autowealthbot) or Kate(Actress).

The fact that InstaCash producers are using reverse psychology in the form a a penniless single mom is extremely common with scam software.  That is not just the first red flag.  The fact that they are using a testimonial which is fake for doing this, puts serious doubts into the validity of this software.


Ashley or Kate it would be better to read a book such as this.  Might give you a better chance of earning some good income rather than the $5 you get from being in such videos like the money making mom app.


Money Making Mom By Crystal Pane

Money Making Mom Revview



How is this InstaCash Software App supposed to work?

The financial Echo Scam, we are told works with a signal alert which is very easy to operate and understand, but which is based on a complex mathematical algorithm.  Such an explanation really means nothing much but big words.  There is no technical evidence as to how it really works. By pointing at inefficiency in assets and using the past to forecast the future, the sophisticated signals are meant to transmit only winning trades. But in fact, knowing that their are real live and daily complaints on the web over InstaCash, we know that this is a load of BS and has no validation.


Conclusion and Verdict for InstaCash

InstaCash or aka money making mom app is a fake software which have fake testomonials and offers false expectations. The fact that the advertising page is so professionally made does not make any less threatening. Had it not been for the fact that there are so many complaints on Forums, we may have been tempted to try this software.  However, given that so many people have already lost money on it, we certainly would not like to have a hole burnt in our pockets.


Money Making Mom is a Scam and Traders should be warned against this software and their associates

You must do some research before you invest with any service or binary options broker and verify that they have a good reputation. If you are seeking alternatives than how about checking out these auto-traders who have received positive results to date.


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