New Year Profit Scam Software; Honest Review!

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New Year Profit IS A SCAM!

New Year Profit – Read our honest review before you end up signing with this deceptive offer!

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Esteemed Readers and fellow traders, please read our review detailing the newly launched auto trader New Year Profits. The alleged software as per our observations is filled nothing but full of deceit. We are sure that after you go through with this New Year Profits review you would have reasons to shun the sham called New Year Profit method.

The chief executive officer Edward Pritchard, advices us during the video promotion that with the New Years Profit app we are dealing with auto trading binary options software, which has the capacity and potential to generate 60k per month / $170 per hour.  All this with an up front investment of a nominal $250 as the initial deposit.

Truth be told, we are not able to assess or verify whether the CEO identity is real as far as binary options market is concerned. There is no trace of his name anywhere. If he has been a successful trader as he has claimed , there would have been some traces or some acknowledgements from a colleague, firm or student that would point out to that.

Check the forums and other New Year Profit reviews in Google for his name; you would not discover anything that shows that he was a profitable trader.   If he has been a successful investor, he would like any successful trader not insinuate and make absurd claims that his New Year Profit scam system can make at least $170 per hour.

As said, we have enough reasons to believe that New Year Profit method is a scam. It is one of the last frauds of 2015. It is definitely targeting new traders who would be looking for monies to spend this festive season.

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Fake New Year Profits Software Presentation video

When you consider the presentation review video, you would discover the voice over actor. It appears that the voice is not that of the person you are seeing in the New year profits video. Its been dubbed by and all the information being relayed is a pre-relayed script with no truth in what is being relayed to the viewers. Nothing and we mean nothing that that was being said about this software was tangible. What was being relaid was make-belief, a fantasy with no realism in it.

Instead of providing its audience with the real information about the system, all we were greeted with was a sales pitch which itself had not an ounce of professionalism in it.   It was like something designed in the basement of someone’s apartment whose intention was neither noble nor genuine. Professional traders are not interested in stories, they wanted to know how the New Year Profit App works. This would guide them in determining and making an informed decision on whether they would use it or not.

The New Year Profit falls into our scam category. It is only selling dream videos, in binary options market there is nothing like dream videos. There is no legit information about the New Year profit software that can make us to recommend it to traders. We have checked forums and endorsement sites about, and we do not find any information about it. As expected, you would notice that only fraudulent websites like them have endorsed the site. You should not be deceived by such fake endorsements.

This shows that New Year Profit App is bogus software. It only intends to steal money from you before the year runs out. The developers are looking for money to spend this holiday, do not allow yourself to become their target. The New Year Profit software comes with bogus claims, same like other scam tools we have reviewed here. So far, there is no verification anywhere that somebody has used the app and actually made money. If you know of one such person or if you are that person please feel free to comment below so that at least we have some form of third-party verification which may bring some authenticity to this system.  As for the here and now we cannot account for the authenticity of this app and would recommend to any individual who comes across this app. to resist the temptation and move on to more proven systems.


Fake New Years Profits Testimonials and Reviews 

When you subscribe and enter the second stage of the New Year Profit Members section, you would observe a number of people providing testimonials claiming that they were already making amount of money using the system.

When we checked the identities of those people, we discovered that they were not real. Photographs were purchased from and a fake name attached to it.  For example, we conducted a check on Julia Rasckle. This actor claimed that she has already made huge amount using the New Year Profit method. This piece of information is not true; because we are one hundred percent sure that Julia Rasckle does not exist. Her photo was purchased and a fake name attached to the video. This is a clear sign that it is a scam.

Julia Raschke managed to generate over 29k with New Year Profit software with zero trading experience! We doubt that this is truth since Julia doesn’t exist!



Secondly, another person who claimed to have made huge amount using the system is Jim Morrian. This actor claimed that he has already earned more than 49k of October he started to use the system. We searched for his identity and we can confidently say that he does not exist.



These are a clear indication that New Year Profit App relies on fake information to promote the product. This shows that you are dealing with a fraudulent system.

We also noticed the use of fake enforcement badges that can be found throughout website, they are not click-able and they don’t lead into the authority websites where they should lead in order to bring authority to this software.



We have to conclude without wasting time that this New Year Profit system is fake. All information available on the website is misleading, fake, and deceptive.

As you can see those members are just stock photos, but there is also other fact that conflicts with the information exposed in the presentation video connected with New Year Profit. You can see a lot of members claiming that they are using the service since January 2015. Well this is impossible because according to the Who Is Domain search is registered on 11 of November 2015.

Fake, bogus, misleading, deceptive, phony those are the words that can describe New Year Profit Software properly. We advise that you stay away from this service if you don’t want to be robed just before the holidays.


Final Verdict: New Year Profit Is a Scam! Beware and avoid this software.

Signing up to a regulated brokers and reliable signals provider are probably the best course of action to avoid being scammed by such fake auto traders.

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