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The Open Source Spy SCAM Review!!

Open Source Spy is a binary options trading software application that has been created to help traders win and forecast the market trends with binary options. The software likewise provides analyses of the market conditions so that traders can understand exactly what should be their next step.


It is claimed that Open Source Spy takes only an hour of your time because it is made by highly trained professionals who trade for a living. They claim to know what to trade, and what to pass on. Using the signals, the software does the work that used to be done manually and claims to make up to 92% per trade. This system is available 24 hrs. as a desktop and browser-based software, and this is a completely automated system. That is right, you will not need any experience before you can start to earn money with Open Source Spy.


Open Source Spy scam binary options auto trading software released on August 4th, 2015  insinuate that they generated $3,260,982 during their first week of trading week.   The pitch video on starts with some economics news clips with dramatic music and graphics which try to give an authentic feel to the lies that will come afterwards. The main portion of the videos start like this: “Hey, can you keep a secret?” Then the voiceover actor identifies himself as Jake Miller. He says that “If you ever downloaded a piece of software from a peer-to-peer file sharing service, it’s pretty likely that you got that software because of me.” He claims that he is a genius hacker that did to software what Napster did to music – made it available via peer-to-peer free for everyone.


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“Jake Miller” says he steals software from multi-billionaire corrupted companies who “don’t need the extra cash that they basically extort from the little guys” and then gives it away for free via peer-to-peer. He claims that he “actually just acquired this program from a very successful Wall Street hedge fund. This is what they use on a daily basis to make millions of dollars from the financial markets.”

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OptionBot trading app had been making a lot of waves in the financial binary options trading industry, by its ability to detect trading opportunities by analyzing trends in the market, both upward and downward.   The OptionBot 2.0 an improved version of the first addition had became viral as early as 2010.  The Option Bot 2 is a downloadable auto trading software,  which can be synced to 13 different binary options brokers. The Option Bot allows users to customize alerts based on various parameters. The only binary options signals software that allows traders to have full control over the signal expiry as well as other parameters based on trading preferences.


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