Tera App Scam Review

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The Tera App Richard Heffner Scam Review

The Tera App created by Richard Heffner is a SCAM.  This supposedly money spinning  binary options app is another dubious app that seems to place itself itself as the stem of all opportunities by tapping into some precious loophole. The Application which focuses its niche marketing strategies on novice online day-traders is not one we can come to endorse as a reputable solution.


In this Review, we will look to not only debunk the Tera App Scam for all the false information it re-gurgitates but also to expose this application as a fradulent system and deceptive product it is right from the “peak” to the “core”.

Why is the Tera App Scam?

Is the Tera App Scam? Yes.  Why? For that we simply need to just take an overview of the applications activities and the guarantees it promises.  You see everything about the Tera App is fabricated.  The Alleged Founder who is nothing but a pigment of imagination, right to the creative sales pitch with fake bank account images, pre-scripted testimonials and paid actors are just the foundation of this scam.


The Tera App for binary options, promises and guarantees to generate you a profit of $20,000 per day. However, just like every binary options auto trader that emerges within this industry as a scam, they always fall short on their guarantees.


The Tera App supposedly endorsed and owned by a company known as Terabit Trader LLC.  As you probably imagined this application which is a re-invention of our previous exposed the terabit trader presents no additonal evidence to suggest this this Tesla Company is reputable and indeed genuine.


Who is Richard Heffner?

Richard Heffner is the alleged creator behind the TeslaApp and the CEO behind a non-existent company presented as Terabit Trader LLC. He claims due to his ongoing success,  he was featured on Forbes, CNN, Global Business News, BBC News and Bloomberg Business.




However, after further investigation we could not find a scrap of evidence that could support this claim. In addition, Heffner claims to have a self net worth of $364 million and if this was the case he would certainly pop up in the search engine results but again, this is just another lie. Richard Heffner claims that he has made over 27 millionaires within the past 3 months. The big catching point is the promise of profits , lots of it to precise in the tune of $20,0000 per day. You see Heffner is nothing but an actor who is well known in the circles of Binary Options for all the wrong reasons.  His association with the sector is mainly as key persona that markets and advertises scams on behalf of anonymous developers who have nothing but negative intentions in mind.

How Does Tesla App Work?

Let’s continue debunking this ridiculous auto-trading scam. If you took the time to visit TeraApp.co, The wonder that is the TeraApp is supposedly comprised of an innovative breakthrough in the investment industry kept mostly secret but can be linked to what is commonly referred to as “optimal data transmission technology.”


This ODT1 and ODT2 which can be linked to Lead Patterns claim to enhance the TeraApp technical abilities over the market.  It claims to be able to analyze over 3 million technical market factors in under 94/100ths of a second and generate an unparalleled success rate of over 93%. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to make up to $850 per hour with this scam and up to $440,000 per month!


We know that the Tesla App for binary options is a scam for several different reasons. The first being that the pitch video is loaded with a variety of photoshopped bank account images, fake testimonials from paid actors, and the feedback that we have received here. The application is an exact replica of the previous terabit trader , which had newbie investors disgruntled and complaining about the softwares poor results.


Here is founder and CEO of Terabit Trader and yet he presents Tera App System. Quick search in Division of Corporations shows that Terabit Trader is not existing company. You can see our previous review about Terabit Trader here. You can see him in GPS Trader App Scam & the Safeguard Trader Scam. All of these are proven Scams! Therefore, we cannot trust this guy and we are sure we are dealing with Scam here!


All this fidgeting , in hindsight is completely unnneccessary especially for a system to claim to have an unrealist success rate of 90% plus.  Surely, if the system was so good then the Tesla App webpage would not need to resolute to such cheap measures. The website teraapp.co has been exposed on a few other reputable binary option websites and for good reason, this is a SCAM!


Tera App Review Conclusion

Everything about the Tera Trading System is fabricated. If you took the time to visit TeraApp.co, you may have noticed the “online results” that are streaming and popping up every couple of seconds. You may have spotted the “Spots Left” widget too. Moreover, those allegations that the Terabit App makes this system the very fist no loss trading robot is just another tactic masterminded by the anonymous developers to make this terabit trader software look more fanciful then it really is.

Review Verdict: Tera App is a Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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We encourage you to not only do yourself a considerable favor but also help out others by sharing and avoiding the Tera App System for binary options. The main problem with that kind of scams, which can be considered as a huge red flag, is that they will link your account to unregulated brokers. Keep in mind that if you deal with unregulated brokers, you can be sure that not only your funds will not be secure and any subsequent complaints to a regulatory authority or governing body will have less chances of of success.


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Terabit Trader Software Review

Terrabit Trader App
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Terabit Trader Software Review; Bewildered Scam Exposed!!

The Terabit Trader Software by Richard Heffner is a new program launched in the binary options industry.  This trading application, a scam, that tends to bewildered, confused and unsure about what is considered to be realistic when it comes to communication expectations and profit forecasts from the industry without defaulting. Make no mistake, what we are dealing with when we talk about the Terabit Trader App, is a scam, when you strip out all the gimmicks and fake characters that pose as the inspiration behind the program or benefactors of the system.


The Financial Market a channel where traders engage with market makers and agents (brokers) is a portal where investors or retail traders can profit from correctly predicting an asset or currency pairs movement within an allotted period of time.  In essence this is what Binary Options Trading is in its simplest form  The Terabit Trader Software which engages its business from terabittrader.com is predominately an auto trading program designed for this very purpose.  Next section we will look to focus and expose this system with FACTS!! and provide comprehensive evidences why this is one software best be avoided.


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The Terabit Trader Software Detailed Facts!!

Our reviews we conduct are based on factual evidences that we have observed and noted when carrying out analysis on a new product, strategy, broker or research.  Each article is carefully constructed to ensure that they cover not only the basics but also to find out whether products such as the Terabit Trader Software are really ‘value for money’ like Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO, of this program makes it out to be.


The big catching point is the promise of profits , lots of it to precise in the tune of $20,0000 per day.  What is more is the creator and founder also insinuates that during the past 3 months he supposedly helped managed to transform 27 random millionaires into millionaires. Quite a bold statement for a web based application we researched as only being created on the 31st August 2016. In fact an impossible one considering three months this app hosted via its Official website platform: terabittrader.com  did not even exist.



Terrabit Trader Software Review


Richard Heffner of Terabit Trader App?

For those of you whom are familiar with the Heffner dynasty would have remember the names Richard Heffner, or David Heffner? This individuals who not long ago brought us the GPS Trader and the Safe Guard Trader, now seems to have diverted his attention to promoting the Terabit Trader software.


Heffner in all these product launches misrepresents as an astute tradesman promising worlds riches to the newbie trader in a very short space of time.  When watching the video presentation one would have noticed a further plot with a supposed endorsement from the world renowned CNN.  This deception, of course, not authentic is one of several chains that bind the terabit trader app to make it look more authentic than it really is.


Terrabit Trader App


Terabit Trader Scam Review

A large group of people who claim to suddenly gain tremendous wealth with this application is supposedly a major selling point for this application. Unfortunately, in our investigation we found no evidences of 27 millionaires being created with this application.  Had we found even one or two verifiable Terabit Trader testimonies that could prove that this program works and is successful that would have been something. We found nothing at all.


In Addition to this the terabit trader software being just three weeks old is far too new to consider as time tested. The promise of $20,000 per week is all ‘here say’ and does not hold anything substantive to make us believe the forecast being realistic especially considering the history behind the alleged founder.


How The Terabit Trader Software Works?

According to the explanations the system is supposedly meant to utilize something called Optical Data Transmission.  This program which sources trades by the terabyte is supposedly a state of the art computer that makes other software’s look primitive in comparison. Moreover, those allegations that the Terabit Protocol makes this system the very fist no loss trading robot is just another tactic masterminded by the anonymous developers to make this terabit trader software look more fanciful then it really is.


Review Verdict: Terabit Trader App Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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Based on the evidence that we found, we have no alternative other than to conclude that Terabit Trading App is a scam.  The CEO and main presenter behind this software is a well known con-artist marketeer within the field of Binary Options who is known to be associated and established as the face of at-least 2 scams that not only wen’t viral but left traders with a bad taste.  No loss trading software’s simply do not exist contrary to what the frequently asked question stipulate when visiting the website.  In addition ODM or Optical Data Transmission are just fancy words from a software that will generate peanuts in contrast and comparison to $20,000 per day as promised should one utilize the terabit system for their trading purposes. Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback specifically related to terabit trading scam or any of the above services we previously exposed.


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