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OvernightProfit.co is a Scam:- Honest Review

Overnightprofit.co app synopsis:- The idea of earning some extra money is an appealing concept that would interest lots of people. Overnight Profits is a new software designed and marketed for such a purpose.  It is most likely that you would have heard about this this program via email or social media forum.  However after watching the video and carrying out some independent research we feel that the software is not all it is cracked up to be.


We tried to find the company GL Media , the company that is meant to be the brains behind this system on Google and found nothing, leading us to believe that it does not exist and is just a fiction of imagination. If this wasn’t bad enough the owner’s name, Gregory Leeds who manages the site Overnightprofit.co   site is a fake.


The picture of the “CEO” Gregory Leeds was nicked off other websites namely ShutterStock.com and the inter-mountain credit advovates website.


overnightprofit presenter


1) http://www.shutterstock.com/s/business+man+arms+crossed/search.html


If this wasn’t bad enough when we log on to the OvernightProfit.co website, we see that there is only one spot left for the Beta Phase before all the spots are filled. Reverse psychology in progress here. Everyone is free to join and be scammed .


We are also seeing many biased reviews on this fake app from commercial sites who probably have a vested interested in this website such as quickcashsystem and binaryapp-810 to name a few.


Lets be real this software is a scam? During the video they even have the cheek to say “FREE APP Makes You $5,779,51 Every Night While You’re Sleeping!” Yeah right… If this was genuine why do you need to hide Mr Gregory Leeds or whatever you call yourself in the real world. Now to the so called “Beta Testers” below the video who apparently profited from the system are not actual traders but actors ‘paid to look pretty’.


overnightprofit results fake


Trading is an art . It requires patience, discipline , practice and good money management. Binary Trading is not an Atlantis story, its a business . We recommend anyone to stay clear of this fantasy system, its nothing but a big CON.

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We do hope that you find this information useful. We would like to know your thoughts on this matter , your experiences , your thoughts would help alert others and possibly save them from making a fundamental mistake. If you seriously consider starting a binary options trading carrier we advise signing with direct binary options regulated broker like TopOption. Please make sure to trade only with money you can afford to lose and wont damage your personal status!


Thank you for taking the time to read this Overnight Profit review.