Pay My Vacation Software Review

Pay My Vacation Review
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Pay My Vacation Software Review; Scam Busted!!

Pay My Vacation Software is the latest application to be launched in the Binary Options Industry.  This software as presented by Jack James is the latest scam promising substantial returns with little or no verifiable evidences to substantiate the claims being made.  With Airport taxes crippling flight prices and making getaways more expensive in general.  This software entitled pay my vacation application aims to target holiday goers looking for the ‘holiday lifestyle.’ In this review, we will look to provide comprehensive facts about this pay my vacation and provide our impartial observations on why this product is best avoided.


Pay My Vacation Review


Pay My Vacation System; Revelations and Facts!!

The Pay My Vacation is a pathetic scam with a concept that bears no realism.  Luxurious lifestyle the main theme and bulk of the video presentation is all really the video presentation talks about.  No demonstrations,  proofs or simulations are given to make us think there may be any truth into this pay my vacation software profit potential promises and guarantees.


The Story behind Jack James Pay My Vacation Scam Exposed !

The Pay My Vacation Review video which bears hallmarks of binary options scams we have exposed in the past. The program, web based in nature promises users $17,989 every day from the beach all on complete autopilot.  Cocktails, Sandy Beaches, Mesmerizing sunsets and a life on the boat are a major feature of this trading application.  How the software works and supposed to make profits that supposedly meant to clear debts and transform poverty struck individuals into a state of financial freedom.


Site Exposed:

Pay My Vacation Scam


Now to all the juicy bits, the “creme de la creme,” “the brick on the seashore front”. To start begin, there’s no evidence that Jack James exists. The presenter who makes the ridiculous profit claims and fabricates the true worth of this worth of this product is just a fiction of imagination.  Limited spots , fake guarantees, fake endorsements and fabricated testimonial actors.  This Pay My Vacation Scam has it all.  All strategically placed to do one thing and that being to apply pressure tactics as much as possible where in fact the only true objective of this software is synonymous to what we call ‘SCAM.’


How Pay My Vacation Software Works? ; Why Is Pay My Vacation A Scam ? 

There is absolutely nothing in factual terms that informs how this software works. Everything that we are being told is ‘hear say.’  The Holiday lifestyle as Jack James put it is a dream, a fantasy, a supposed end product.  What is to say that this product, works, nothing?  What is to say the Pay My Vacation Software is a Scam?  Quite a lot actually!!


The Pay My Vacation App is similar to any Binary Options Software in that it will require a deposit of some sort to activate the software.  The product is not free despite Jack James claims.  Initial capital of $250, cannot make you $18k per day,  Proper Money Management tactics from seasoned traders suggest utilising a 2%-5% of their accounts to trade with in order to avoid burning out.


Regarding the accuracy, the announced one here is 99.93%.  So what a 0.07% margin for error? Jack my boy best go back to Jill and forget about trading.  The margin is to high to be considered reasonable let alone realistic.  In addition to all this we noticed atleast four individuals who feature in the or video who we previously exposed as actors, all of whom have appeared in advertisements for similar scams. Now why hire actors to support an apparently fool-proof and life changing system? In addition, we found out that the service is extremely new only 2 days old, so basically this debunks most of the storyline!


Are the testimonials real?

We can say that an initial investment of $250 will not make you $17,000 a day regardless of the accuracy level of the robot you’re using. That’s exaggerated, and we don’t think Pay My Vacation Software will even come close to a fraction of that amount. The testimonials featured are all fake and do not bear any authenticity that we can use to substantiate anything that has been said during the video presentation.


Pay My Vacation Testimonial


The testimonials, Jack James making us believe he has been trading for 11 years and the over-hyped profit potentials and guarantees are obviously designed for one thing. The sole purpose being to take advantage of the ignorance of those who don’t know how to trade. It is therefore very dangerous to leave your money in the hands of someone whose main motto is to take advantage of you by playing the dream card. Stay away from Pay My Vacation scam, it leaves holes in pockets.


We have already declared that Jack James is a bogus personality.  In our investigation leading to this scam review, we thoroughly and comprehensively checked all social media to find a clue of a Jack James who is remotely connected to binary options successful trading. Observations recorded at each level, be it via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ drawed blanks on every level.


If you manage to go through the whole length of this tedious and long drawn presentation video, you will not be given a clue on how the Pay My Vacation App works. You are supposed to be gullible enough to just believe that this robot will churn up anywhere between $17k to $37k per day. Any seasoned binary options or investor would know that it would be incredible difficult and most probably impossible to generate trades with 99.3% winning trades.  This simply is difficult maths and probabilities like what the Pay My Vacation App Promises is too huge to even comprehend.


Conclusion: Pay My Vacation is a Scam

Trading Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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