Atlas Intelligence Review

Atlas Intelligence
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Atlas Intelligence Review; Worldwide SCAM!

As we navigated to the next page on the Atlas Intelligence scam website, we came across Katie Harvey’s fake testimonial. Just a few days ago we exposed Profit with Cindy and the actress AKA “Cindy Taylor” hired via, is featured on both websites, playing the role of a successful trader and a millionaire.


The creators of Atlas Intelligence probably found her to be a talented fake and decided to hire her for a few dollars to appear in front of the camera with a short testimonial. If anyone else wants to hire Katie Harvey as a spokesperson or get a fake testimonial for a scam, you can find her on She is good at this stuff and this time she is promoting the website.


This is not another fake Atlas Intelligence Review!!!

The goal of this article is to expose Atlas Intelligence and other similar apps that promise you mega rewards without clearly identifying the risks involved.   Atlas Intelligence is marketed fairly well with a new design and a recorded webinar on the front page, it doesn’t raise immediate suspicion but once you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s just another money-making scheme and there’s really nothing to it.

 Atlast Intelligence Scam App

Atlas Intelligence


They promise traders up to $2,345 in 60 minutes which is really hard to believe. “Everyday People like YOU & Me Claimed Their FREE Atlas Passport & Cashed In $68,572… Now It’s Your Turn!” is the title of their website. Unfortunately for them, today is their turn to get on our blacklist! Our goal is to expose liars and deceivers who prey on new and existing, who look towards earning some extra revenue to make their daily needs more easier. Instead of showing the correct path these systems tend to follow a Martingale approach , with little or no technical studies being used to generate the signals.


Shady services like and the tend to work with unregulated, scam brokers so with any service you join, you got to conduct a ‘double background-check’ instead of relying on a single review. We hope that after reading this warning, you will refrain from joining this trap and we encourage you to share and comment below if you decided to test it or have any thoughts.


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Those who seek reliable on line trading opportunities should refer to Regulated brokers page. If you have any questions or want to suggest that we conduct a review on a certain system, feel free to contact us so that we can get right on it.



Profit with Cindy Scam Review

Profit with Cindy
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Profit with Cindy is a SCAM 

Profit With Cindy is the another application which was launched last year.  The so called  binary options system app was designed to manipulate new traders from investing into the software.  This review will take a look at this software which featured the money making mom star and the Auto Weath Bot Beta Tester that we reviewed and saw towards the end of December.


Before we go any further you should know that this is not another promotional review for Profit with Cindy. We are here to expose and warn everyone, IT’S A SCAM! This website is as real as the native trader system which focuses on providing testimonial from fake testimonial specialists that have probably never traded for real.


So what is Profit With Cindy all about?

Binary options of course. Cindy claims you can use her system to make easy money from binary options trading.  Profit With Cindy claims that you don’t have to lift a finger. You simply use her system and it will do all the hard work trading for you and making money. It will do the decision making for you so that there is no human error involved.


Cindy Taylor is a real name, however, it belongs to a woman born in Asunción, Paraguay, she is a fashion model, actress and television host who looks nothing like the fake and sleazy actress in the videos. As we audited the Profit with Cindy website we noticed that they failed to include risk warnings or disclaimers which is a typical practice you’ll find on most websites, definitely on scam domains.

Cindy’s Scam Software

Profit with Cindy


How do binary options work?

To give you an example let’s say you believe the EUR/USD will be trading higher within 15 minutes than it is right now. You could place a $100 CALL trade on EUR/USD and if you were correct when your trade expired you would get back around 180%. That means you would get back your original $100 plus $80. The problem however is that if you are wrong and you lose the trade then you will lose the full $100. This is one of the reasons why the odds are stacked against you with binary options because you need to win far more than 50% of your trades in order to just break even!


So what is the truth here?

The truth in my opinion is that Profit With Cindy is another hyped up binary system created purely to make money from binary options referral commissions. As I already showed you above this “Cindy” character is a fake. She sells testimonials on Fiverr to make her money and is definitely not a millionaire from what I can see.


Avoid any review that supports this BS, they are completely misleading you and don’t offer any real evidence. Binary options trading is risky and there isn’t a software out there with a flawless performance, which leads us to a firm conclusion regarding this “method..”! Stay away from it, you will not make a dollar, it’s highly misleading!


Verdict: Profit with Cindy Method is a SCAM!


Before you join any automated system or binary options broker, remember to always do research. Not every review is real, therefore you must also apply common sense in this process. Our goal is to help traders identify red flags and deter new-traders from joining misleading scams.


We encourage you to trade with an EU and CySEC regulated binary options broker instead of taking any risks with fishy brokers who are cooperating with scams. There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Profit with Cindy App will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment.  If you are looking for a solid alternative and a tested software, please visit our Review on Dow Jones Focus Group Review and in case you are absolutely new to on-line trading, you can trade with the which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.

Thank you for reading this review


Proven Profits System Review

Authors Rating

Proven Profits Systems Review Proven Profits Scam App Exposed?

Proven Profits System is the subject of today’s review.  Is the Proven Profits Trading App a Scam? The Proven Profits Software hosted via the trading platform is designed to appeal to ‘would be traders’ by portraying themselves as as guarantee providing institution who are able to provide untold riches to the would be investor.


The Proven Profits system by “Matt Baker” is easy to spot scam! There are only 4 spots left today with a big “very limited spots” sign just below their logo – c’mon guys!  The Proven Profits System in itself is a very shady name for a software! The name in itself suggests a guarantee which must be some kind of a joke and we are confident that this rubbish software is a SCAM! Interestingly, we did a quick follow-up and found that this website is a re-branding of review   When we looked at this website it led us straight to  This is probably because the previous software was a fraud and received many negative reviews. Well guess what? The new software is not any different and already highlights big red flags. was created by the owners of Profit with Cindy and it’s a FACT! Watch this:


The Proven Profits Review Summary:

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: Most Definitely


Many of you searching for the best way to make money trading binary options. The promises made by the creators of the proven profits software, you can make around $18,000/day without any losses using this automated binary options software. Sounds tempting but does not hold water. Looking at the software you would need to deposit around $250 with a company called VX markets or RBoptions. Matt Baker the ‘CEO’ is the head of this campaign and gives a very convincing video on the scheme


So how does it work?
– Register with the software will allocate you a broker
– Deposit funds with the broker as suggested?
– And that is it you are all set.


Proven Profits Review


Proven Profits Software Points to note?

– The newly developed Proven Profits software is a program that automatically provides signals to provide invest in.
– Using the Proven Profits software is completely free. You will never be charged a commission or finders fee for how many profitable trades they find you.
– When the program finds a trade you can head over right to your options trading broker to make the trade which will be either a call, or a put.
– Proven Profits will show all the binary options that are available and open for trading and where they are moving in real time.


Fake endorsement badges from Proven Profits System Website

The website also features fake badges from official organizations that have supposedly endorsed Proven Profits App. This would obviously not be possible for a auto-trading software has just been released and this method is supposed to only available to few individuals for beta testing. Another indication that the testimonials provided are all fake.


Next we looked at the testimonials. Though the “user testimonials” are clearly faked and contain actors each claiming to make a substantial fortune from the app.  After the initial lame introduction about how much money they allege you’re going to make, they introduce “Phil Harris”, which also goes by the name “man in bistro” according to iStockPhoto.


Proven Profits Testimonial

Proven Profits Man in Bistro


Its sounds so simple right? Wrong? Trading is a game of wins and losses. Nothing is proven in this industry. It’s highly likely that you found Proven Profits via an email invitation. . If you haven’t used this site Binary Umpire urges to thread caution and avoid depositing without doing some research first. It’s a new system and it just came out so we’re looking for feedback. Help us warn other people by sharing your experience if you fell victim and of course share this review with other binary options traders via social media to help us get the word around faster.


Conclusion of the Proven Profits Trading App

All the evidence in this review points towards the fact that the Proven Profits App is a scam that has been set up to take money off people. It is not a genuine invitation to become a beta tester. The website is filled with fake endorsements and false testimonials. In reality there are a number of complaints from traders who have signed up to this software.


Avoid, don’t get near it and un-subscribe from anyone who is inviting you to use this fraudulent system. We would certainly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, even though it’s hard to believe that we will get any positive comments on this one!


Do you really want to waste $200-$500 on this piece of junk software? Are you interested to trade binary options professionally, do it with indicators/strategy, with a mentor or with a reputable signals service or community. Many options are available that are more reputable. Check out our recommendations page and don’t forget to share your feedback below or any questions, especially if you have tried the Stark App or are currently trading with the software.


For any trader that is considering Binary Options trading, or even if you have been trading Binary Options for some time already, I’ll recommend you to follow the link below and check it out.


Mike's Autotrader is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking to any of the content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE!  If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. In case you are absolutely new to Binary Options, you can trade with the which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


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Thank you and stay safe