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Push Button Salaries
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Push Button Salaries is a SCAM!

Push Button Salaries software is an auto trader that trades on market movements such as currency pairs and commodities. You’ll see a hyped up video showing you fast cars, big mansions and a lifestyle of dreams , with a this could be you!” jargon thrown into it.


They guarantee 1 million dollars in 27 days or 10k minimum. Let’s be clear this system are never genuine and very biased in their approach.  There are so many fraudulent Binary Options on the web and they keep on coming faster than I can count 1 to 3.


What Is Push Button Salary?

Push Button Salaries


Push Button Salary and it’s many Binary Option clones are just the latest marketing scams to bombard the unsuspecting victim who is only trying to earn some income on the side. Trading is all about risks , winning and loosing.  Such systems are designed by the programmer who has an alternative motive than your well being.


When looking at the reviews what we notice is sites like IveTriedThat.com, or some of the promotional sites that deal with marketing the pushbuttonsalary.com website, offer no substance and are very biased in their reviews.  They simply cannot be trusted.   I can  almost guarantee other searches featuring Punch Button Millionaire are sales pages disguised as reviews, for example ” Don’t buy Push ButtonMillionaire until you read this” end up just stating the product without giving any true review as to the accuracy or the validity of the promises made by the software providers and their stakeholders.


Everything about it is a complete fraud! Check-out some of the EVIDENCE we found:

  • The voice actor from the Push Button Salary video claims that they are governed and regulated by the most important organization that oversees financial activities in the world, the alleged ISA. There is no such organization and no further information is given on the site.  They also suggest their one brokerBMBoption or like others have been allocated Banc De Binary is the only one regulated with this regulatory authority. Another scam…. regulatory authorities run more than one financial service provider that fall under their jurisdiction.  Trading standards for binary or forex products are governed by regulatory bodies that they are domiciled at. This may include such FCA, Cysex, SEC for starters.  For more information about governing bodies check out our page on brokers regulations.
  • How about the pictures of the Beta Testers from the first few moments into the Push Button Salaries video.  Well this have been copied from: https://boarddirection.com.au/ .  Check out these friendly faces also appearing on the pushbuttonsalary intro.



  • The logos CNN , Forbes suggests they this have had some reviews by these news providers.  Looking at searches we found nothing of the sort and feel that this images are nothing but for ‘show’ purposes


Look, The Push Button Salary is a scam targeting people who are interested to become rich and quickly. We are not saying it isn’t possible to make money via binary options .  We are saying that  it’s not so easy, it’s no different from Forex and other on-line trading instruments where the approach and strategy plays a major part in your ability to profit.


If you think I am being a bit too strong on this scam artists, be our guest , try it but be forewarned on what we think of the software providers, Walter Green the so called ‘ceo’ and their ‘pushy’ system. After you are done I encourage you to post a review and confirm our predictions.  Please be kind enough to also wire me a million dollars, imagine just how much dog food I can buy with this money.


Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist.Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend Copy Buffett


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If you have any thoughts on this system , please feel free to leave a comment.  But always remember one thing if you do decide to trade and that is ‘trade smart’ like you would do with any business or hobby and the rest will follow