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Royce Code Scam Review; Software Does not Work!! Evidence Exposed!!

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The Royce Code Scam software is the latest scam application to hit and plague the binary options trading industry with the premise of fictitious high rewards and zero authenticity behind the statements being made or people behind the movement. This Software by Richard Royce make no mistake is a fraudulent service that has nothing going for it.  In fact the trading application which is meant to act as a tool to assist investors with their trading requirements will set out to leave a massive hole in any one who registers into its mainframe program.  In this review we will look to expose why we feel the whole Royce venture is nothing but a facet and should not be taken seriously for investment purposes.


Royce Code Software

Make no mistake the Royce Code Scam is a true depiction of this software.  Our mission is to try and potentially observe and report as many software’s as we can.  Unfortunately when it comes to platforms like the Royce Code , we feel a bit vindictive and disappointing on the scares it leaves behind and the shadow it creates from an industry that has potential to reap rewards for the masses. The whole Royce Code software presentation is centered around tricking you to sign up. Read this full Royce Code review to see exactly what we mean!





In so far as the story goes behind the Royce Code app revolves around a certain individual who calls himself Richard Royce.  Royce identifies himself as the the owner and CEO of the Royce Wealth Group, a company that has been in operation for over 10 years and in that time claims to have spun its clients with over 2 billion dollars in pure profits.


Furthermore Richard claiming that for the past 18 months they have secretly been working on the Royce Code software project. This system he put it is a product of experience base on algorithms that revolve around their 10 year trading experience.  He further claims the software that is developed and designed to execute automated trades.  He suggests that as part of the offer his company is providing all their customers with an “insured withdrawal system” that allegedly forces the Royce Code bot to send you your daily profits within 24 hours if you are seeking for it.


I must admit, and I’m sure you agree, that it sounds very impressive. The prospect of turning $250 into $25,000 but realistically the odds are just not there and no system has that kind of power to make such a margin in the space of a short period of time.  Yet this is the same offer that stems from Royce Wealth Group who somehow think they are a league of their own when in fact they ain’t.


Why is the Royce Code Scam?

We have already touched on the whole notion of unreliable promises and this should be sufficient to start threading carefully when it comes to accepting anything Richard Royce or his goons have to say.  But lets really dwell in a bit and ensure that we have covered all the basis.  This section we look to expose all these inconsistencies and fully divulge the key facts on why we feel this Royce Code Software is Scam and recommend why it should be avoided altogether.




According to the CEO, user benefits are protected in a remarkable way. The Royce Code Software has designed to make money 24/5 like clockwork which of course as we know by now is a broad statement.  Furthermore, Richard that you find in the video is no Richard Royce but an individual who in reality goes by the name Kevin S. Martin. The real perpetrators behind this software are anonymous and do not expose themselves which shows a lot about their character or lack off I might add.


Moving forward, “Richard Royce” who allegedly is the CEO of this Royce Code software further claims that his software which has been live for the past 18 months now is nothing but exaggerated statement.  According to the domain registration tool this software website oriented that operates via the website has officially been registered on 2016-12-05.


Royce Code Scam Evidence


Other than that, during this video presentation we see a bunch of testimonials which evidence suggest are far from legit but pre-scripted actor tributes that have been seen in the past endorsing similar shady systems as the Royce Code Scam. The owner of Zeus 2 and Obcasio Formula recently launched are again been utilized here as paid actors to play the role of successful Royce Code members. We`ll attach some evidence, just to confirm our statements. Point here is that we cannot trust the endorsements either. If you go and use paid actors for all your testimonials, that becomes totally unacceptable. This pretty damning evidence which proves that there is no way the Royce Code Formula app is legit.  All of this together just makes it abundantly clear that we’re dealing with a scam here.


The Royce Code Software Conclusion!

To sum it all up there is no benefit that we can see from any individual joining the Royce Code.  This scam will only cause heavy losses and will bleed your account dry.  It is therefore recommend that Royce Code is a complete fraud and is one best avoided for any investment purposes.

Verdict: Royce Code Software is a Scam

Trading Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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If you have any experiences with this Royce Code Scam finance system we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. Should you wish to try an alternative software we can recommend you check out The Lexington Code Software an “all in one” system that can source and conduct trades all on auto pilot.


Lexington Code Software


There are ways to make a good profitable income with trading binary options, and this has been proven time and time again.  If Auto trading is not your thing, Please feel free to visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Thank you for reading this Royce Code Scam Software review