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Auto Profit Signals Scam Review


The system developed by Rodger Pierce allegedly a specialist in this field created this software which is supposed to be purely algorithm based.  On registration we were allocated a broker called ‘binary book’ an unregulated broker.  The minimum deposit requested for the software to be activated is $250.


So who is Rodger Pierce?

Rodger Pierce is an allegedly a former J.P.Morgan trader who graduated from the London School of Economics specialising in computer sciences.  We  however do not give any much thoughts into this as for all we know he could very well be another “fiverr” actor trying to be the ‘bond’ of the binary options industry.


Auto Profit Signals


What’s there in the system?

Nothing special can be said about this system.  When the system generates a signal through after going through its process based criteria, you will receive a pop-up alert with the asset and the time frame to place a trade . The accuracy of this alert is subject to question being an algorithm based system so to speak.

Auto Profit Signals


The advantages of such as system, is that it promotes ease and is relatively easy to understand.  No downloading is necessary as its all web based.  But that is as far it goes we feel.

The cons is that you are that you are at the mercy of the robot and the unregulated broker .  We at binary umpire feel that this is enough would be deterrent from signing up to the system.

The marketing for Auto Binary signals is quite obviously targeted towards people that want to make ‘easy money’.  $10,000 on autopilot with no experience in trading is just not going to happen.  Keep in mind though the screenshots of ‘satisfied customers’ that you see on the sales page may not be 100% accurate.

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