Sir William Bot; Trading Compass Software Review

Sir William Bot Trading Compass Software Review
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Sir William Bot Scam Review; Trading Compass Software Deciphered!!

Sir William Bot also known as the Trading Compass is the latest trading Application to recently have been released in the Binary Options Market Place.  However, first impressions, about this trading software are far from encouraging.  In this review we will look to expose both trading apps for a few reasons. Firstly, this application is a scam. Everything that we see on first glance is too flashy, pressurized and nothing really looks authentic from the “a to z” of the information that is being presented to us.


Next, nothing really sounds realistic to us.  Do you really think Sir William Bot would make you a millionaire?  The Whole presentation which looks likes something that has been created was designed in a very low budget and with one intent to cause chaos in the Binary Options Trading Industry.


Sir William Bot Software Review


Sir William Bot Software; Facts Exposed!!

This has got to be one of the worst productions we have seen and we feel the mere association with a similar shared name as “William the Conqueror,” this application is a mockery and is certainly no “Lucifer” when it comes to trading software.  John Burley from Chichester who brings us this app. Sir William, is the name that Colin Brand the developer gave to his sophisticated mathematical algorithm, which is the operating software behind the Trading Compass.


Sir William Bot Review


Is the Sir William Bot binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Today’s focus is, as you probably might have noticed and seen from the title, referred to by two different names – “Sir William” and “Trading Compass” as you can quite clearly see.  That is because Sir William Bot is just a funnel that leads straight into the Trading Compass.    They are one and the same scam.


Trading Compass System Review

Logging into the scam website, and you will find a ray of hope, a bright shining star in the midst of darkness entitled “the trading compass” . Underneath is a place for login and there’s a small New User label you must click on to register. No Scams here, simple straight and original.  There are no loud noises, no actors , no promises of millions all that is left to Sir William to do.  No this system in comparison is just one page in length if that, maybe “A5” if one wants to be specific.


Trading Compass Software Review


Once you have registered you are immediately referred to a broker of sorts with a narration on the top “powered by trading compass.”  From the outings it looks like there is the slight possibility to conduct manual trades.  But what happened to Sir Williams Promises, looks like that vanished into thin air.


We did find one video that talks about the trading compass. According to the actor below the software analyses the market and then provides with signals. You can choose Auto-trade or manual trading. With the Auto-trade feature, the Trading Compass allows you to choose an Invest Amount and the Max number of Auto Trades. The actor explains that auto trading is done according to complex algorithms.

Features Video Explanation:


Further more try researching this software either by the keywords “Sir William Bot” or “The Trading Compass” and you can be certain not one seems to provide one shred of authenticity that you can used to substantiate this software.  Since we only saw it on the video, and we didn’t have the chance to check how accurate the system is, we must say it is not safe for testing. And we don’t recommend you to go and spend a lot of money at the start with their Auto Trading system.


At this point we feel that we didn’t find un-disputable facts that Trading Compass is a scam. We couldn’t find anything genuine about the member testimonials that inspires us to think they are authentic. You may also notice that I’ve yet to say how much cash Sir William is promising you, and that’s because they don’t, not in text, though there are a few ambiguous account balances in one of the videos. Sir William Bot feature all of my pet peeves – the false counter for number of spots remaining that starts at 23 or so and amusingly restarts when it hits two, the address bar dialogue box  way too many sign-up buttons, Limited Spots Banner on the top and fake, badly worded testimonials to tie it all up in one package branded the trading compass software.


Conclusion: Sir William Bot is a Scam

Trading Compass Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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Do not waste your time, energy and money on such phony and shady scams that try to jazz things all up.  These software’s which emplore all sorts of marketing gimmicks  are typical of similar fraud sites that like to play mental tricks on you, promising you all the worlds riches, instead of helping you succeed in the world of binary options. If you are searching for better alternatives, we encourage you to do your research and know what you are signing up for, make sure there are proven results going around on the internet, on Youtube, wherever you can find it, that is the only way to stay safe, and invest into systems that are proven to work.  Thankfully there are some legitimate options that come user recommended like the Code Fibo App or Copy Buffett System.


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Code Fibo Software Review


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