Social Tech Trader Review? Is it a Scam?

Social Tech Trader
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Social Tech Trader Review

Social Tech Trader is a very convincing new binary options trading tool. Social Tech Trader claims to be able to make you profits of $920 a day. This is some claim, from any auto trader but from this one please do not trust a word they tell you. The Social Tech Trader is said to make you over $6,440 a week all from the comfort of your home.


It claims a success rate of 90%, working on auto-pilot or manually if you like. The Social Tech Trader system also promises to change your life from the moment you begin using it. Traders who note that this is hyped up results .  The reality would definitely be different.  We are not saying the app does not work, we simply are saying that the developers expectations that they portray for Social Tech Trading system is hyped up.


We have been introduced to a guy called Albert with no other information concerning his other name. He claims to have worked at JP Morgan, and that through his knowledge, he was able to create Social Tech Trader Software.  We do not know whether or not this is true. For one, nearly every binary signals Application owner out there claims they’ve worked at big financial institutions like JP Morgan, Wall Street and the rest. Those are typical claims we can’t buy into, unless Albert and his team has proof that indeed what has been stated on that demo video is correct.


Social Tech Trader



Social Tech Trader Reviews and Testimonials

We cannot afford to believe that Social Tech Trader system is a genuine software because Albert and his team have failed the first few test of credibility. And it comes by no surprise that the testimonials they’ve slapped on the website is also fake.  We have actually spotted this woman called Alberta Fox in a few other sites out there. It doesn’t make sense sharing testimonials across independent sites. In fact, if this Autotrader was so successful like they claim, they would have easily asked its users to write down their own trading experience with Social Tech Trader program.


There is one more thing we would like to point out to you, and that is the fact that the social tech trader website is just over a week old. Meaning that this system is unproven and may or not be profitable to the would be investor.   If you have any experience with regards to this software, please feel free to share to us.  On this occasion we feel that there are better alternatives out there with more conclusive testimonials.


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Social Tech Trader Broker Alternative


For better alternatives, please visit our Recommended Signals Page and for those who are completely new to online trading, the best way to start is with a Free Demo Account. Learn how to trade and get a feel for binary options, if you see yourself as a day-trader, it’s a great way to make money.