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Stark Trading System Review!! Stark Software Scam App Exposed !!

Stark Trading System is the subject of today’s Review. The Stark Trading App hosted via the stark trading platform is designed to appeal to ‘would be traders’ by portraying themselves as as guarantee providing institution who are able to provide untold riches to the would be investor. We have thus far looked at evidence and observed the Stark trading movement to assess their true motivation. the founders of this software,, are looking for 50 people to have access to this software.  After this spots have been filled the registration page for any new applicants will be closed. This review will look to assess the claims made the by the developers and whether the Stark Trading launch claims have any legitimacy and or validity.


Many of you searching for the best way to make money trading binary options. Today sees the release of this new software namely, the stark trading system app. Similar to the Millionaire Blueprint Review this app seems to follow a similar theme where the promoters main focus seems to be focused on deceiving many traders. The bait is simple and the clue lies in the guarantee of untold riches by the ceo’s Antonio and Richard who by placing this guarantees incline that this software has the capability to thousands of dollars ($8,000 to be exact) on a daily basis.

Stark Binary Options Signalling App Millionaire Guarantee Scam Offer

Stark Trading Guarantee


This is an in-depth review concerning the Stark Trading System by Antonio Stark, which we found to be a SCAM based on credible evidence! A review by Binary Options Watchdog on this system highlighted the fact that they have received substantial amount of claims from day-traders that this app is not as it set out to be.  Performance rating by some traders who have tested this software have reportedly suggested this auto trader has only managed to sustain a trading performance of less than 55% ITM, which simply is not good enough to make any decent amount of profits.


Because of this level of complaints to Watchdog and many other authoritative sites we feel obligated to our viewers not to enticed by the Stark Trading promotion as seen on or any of those firms who promote them.  This so-called ”Millionaire-making” software that the CEO offers for limited release is a typical characteristics of a shady program that is designed to scam your hard-earned money. As always, we are dedicated to blowing the whistle whenever we detect some fraud in the binary options trading niche. So this review is as honest as it can get.


Richard Paul presents the video and gives us a typical life history story on how he wasn’t able to keep up with his debts.  He goes to suggest that this all changed when he teamed up with his friend Antonio to help the world with the Stark Trading System aka Lousy Scam App.  Of course we tried to find out if this Richard or Antonio exists by performing a litmus test on them through a basic search on search engines and social media networks.  It might come to no surprise that we could not find either of the two or any names associated with stark trading app on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.


Richard and Antonio also claim that Stark Trading System App is the ultimate binary options trading app that gives users an accuracy level of 97%. To make you excited, they mention that they recently included an automation button to the interface of Stark Trading System program so that both newbies and expert traders could make money fast and easily.  Don’t fall for the tactics of this man called Richard Paul because what he is telling you about his Stark Trading System software isn’t true.  It doesn’t take you so much work to realize that the Stark Trading System creator and his team are taking you for a ride. And as you’ll see, they really do not care about your hard-earned investments as far as binary options trading is concerned.


Fake endorsement badges from Stark Trading System Website

The website also features fake badges from official organizations that have supposedly endorsed Stark Trading App. This would obviously not be possible for a auto-trading software has just been released and this method is supposed to only available to few individuals for beta testing. Another indication that the testimonials provided are all fake.


Next we looked at the testimonials. Though the “user testimonials” are clearly faked and contain actors from each claiming to make a substantial fortune from the app.  A simple who-is lookup tells us that the domain wasn’t even registered until the 19th January 2016 so how is this possible? The answer is simple, it is a complete lie like the rest of the faked testimonials!


Verdict:-  Stark Trading System Is a Scam to Avoid !!!


If you filled in your details, it is more likely or not that you would be hearing from their email marketing time trying to encourage you to be one of the unlucky 50.  Truth be told the 50 slots of millionaires who will take advantage of Stark Trading System App is just another sales tactic on their part. If you failed to sign up within a specific period of time, the page would be pulled down forever, and no one else would be allowed the opportunity to sign up for the Stark Trading System signals. That’s a big lie – truth be told this offer will be there months from now with the same sales pitch looking for the next 50 unsuspecting binary option traders.


We hate it when someone emerges with a bogus software claiming their Stark Trading product was endorsed by major organizations like BBC, CNN, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV etc.  Or that they offer guarantee certificates which carry no weight.  The Headline make $8,000 in the next 24 hours also has no substance and we strongly encourage readers not to fall for such cheap tactics.


Conclusion of the Stark Trading Scam System

All the evidence in this review points towards the fact that the Stark Trading is a scam that has been set up to take money off people. It is not a genuine invitation to become a beta tester. The website is filled with fake endorsements and false testimonials. In reality there are a number of complaints from traders who have signed up to this software.


Do you really want to waste $200-$500 on this piece of junk software? Are you interested to trade binary options professionally, do it with indicators/strategy, with a mentor or with a reputable signals service or community. Many options are available that are more reputable. Check out our recommendations page and don’t forget to share your feedback below or any questions, especially if you have tried the Stark App or are currently trading with the software.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. In case you are absolutely new to Binary Options, you can trade with the which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


If you would like to try some auto traders with proven results, we have been lucky to have found two in such a short period of time, Citidel Ltd, and now the Tauribot App


Tauribot App


The overall performance level thus far of the Tauribot is a great surprise!. We will continue to test the Tauribot for a few more weeks, and publish some our own results.  At this moment we would recommend any investors looking for an auto trader to consider this app as it has comes highly acclaimed across various industry observers.


Thank you for reading this review