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Supreme Funds HYIP
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 Supreme Funds Review; HYIP Supremacy or Scam Digestive!!

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Supreme Funds Review. HYIP Supremacy we can trust or Supreme Funds Scam Digestive? Caution!! This is an important notification that requires your attention.  It is paramount that you read this important Supreme Funds Review which is a new high yield investment program that has been released in the financial markets.   The Supreme Funds which claims to be a public limited company that works within the premise to provide a consistent return on margin to investors is not at all clear cut as the organisation makes it out to be when talking about their brands.  In the next section we look to expose the program and also provide comprehensive evidence on the potential return on investors that can expect to achieve and why we feel potential investors should persist from investing on  the product range.


Supreme Funds HYIP


Supreme Funds Scam Review!

The Supreme Funds Program which claims to be incorporated under the alias name Nordic Market Services Ltd under companies house was incorporated on the 20th February 2015. See Company documents. The story goes that this firm which predominately an Italian based firm which had to leave Italy in the thirties and reside here due to political Uncertainty as members of the British Kingdom as indicated on the (Note Not the United Kingdom.. which should be the correct terminology).


Their Supreme Roots allegedly started off as a bicycle repair shop evolved in trading commodity exchanges after the second world war which led to the birth of Supreme Funds.  Not forgetting their roots Supreme Funds in their shift toward trading considers their new found venture as a united romanticism of Venice, an expression and courage of proud and independent Italians and a pragmatism, endurance and independence of the British people. Such combination affect according to them, is very positive giving a new source of inspiration for our economic experts and management.


None of this of course is verifiable or legitimate.  The company which they claim to be incorporated under Nordic Market Services Ltd which currently shows as being proposed to strike off the register due to late returns was only incorporated and acquired the Limited status in just over a year much later and in complete contrast to the suggestions the organisation portrays on their website.


In the case of Supreme Funds HYIP you see an easy making money opportunity, however, make no mistake that even though it may seem appealing it is neither realistic or accurately portrayed.  One crucial element which so conveniently seems to have gone  amiss in the glowing presentation by the company is the apparent omission various risks involved that are coherent and very much common with a product of this nature.


Supreme Funds HYIP Services Offered; Detailed Overview

Supreme Funds Invesment Plans


The return plans with this program are far from realistic. The services they offer are split into 4 categories promising a return on investment of 140% after 1 day to 300% after 4 days depending on account opening initial investment made by the trader.


Supreme Funds Scam Review; HYIP Scam Point Exposed!!

  • Fake scarcity counter: No
  • Browser pop ups: No
  • Fake testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible profits: Yes
  • Looks authentic: No
  • Believable evidence of profits: No
  • Scam possibility: Very Likely


What about the Supreme Funds Management Structure?

The Next section is to assess the credentials behind the supposedly backbone of the Supreme Funds Trading firm which claims to operate under  the Nordic Marketing Services Ltd.



Looking at the Supreme Funds Scam website we can see the below organization managers!

  • Julie Herzigova – Product Manager!
  • Patrick Pool – Customer Support
  • Laura Stegner – Executive Assistant!
  • Martha Healy – Marketing Consultant!


Unfortunately all these of people are fabricated stock models, and not genuine.  The real team behind the Supreme Funds Scam movement remain anonymous and hidden from public skepticism. The Supreme Funds Trading Firm under the suggested stewardship of Laura Stegner (Evidence: deposit photo),  is not a genuine software or invesment opportunity that we can endorse, based on the evidence we have gathered for the purposes of this review.


The alleged Supreme Funds HYIP Program operating under the Nordic Marketing Services licence and claims to deliver to hyped up results is a complete fraud and not at all authentic.  We strongly recommend that you avoid this Sport Pharma app and if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post.


  Final Verdict: Supreme Funds HYIP is a Scam

Not Recommended for Testing

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Strongly based on this Supreme Funds review we recommend that you avoid this app and if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist.Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend Copy Buffett


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