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1 Percent Club
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The 1 Percent Club is a straight scam!

1 percent club that operates  via is something of a joke.  It is meant to present a once in a life time opportunity” to become one of the 1% lucky folks who can call themselves millionaires.  In reality it is nothing than a big fraud that is aimed at all 100%. The developers of the 1 percent club are obviously trying to take advantage of the understanding that 1% of the worlds population hold 99% of the wealth.


Why do I believe this? Simply, every single free binary options system that makes you sign up and deposit with the broker like the 1 percent club has failed.  If you are a victim of this fraud our advice is to dispute the transaction with your credit card provider because chances are that you maybe scammed.


Even at this late stage these scammers continue to send me emails promising millions but with no substance. $250 deposit to $20,000 in less than 24 hours is what they pitch..  We can telly you first hand this is not easy and the probability of this happening is very low indeed.


Don’t be fooled, The 1 Percent Club is garbage and represents a new generation of internet marketing scams. It’s not a legitimate binary options software! period.


1 Percent Club


The web holds many opportunities as well as many threats .  We advice you to research before committing to anything as naive and so monopolistic like the one percent club.


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