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Virtnext Performance Update And Guidance Review!

Sofware System analysis Virtnext Performance – Follow up Analysis
Virtnext Performance Website Reviewed:

Virtnext Performance Review – It’s been more than a few weeks since we posted a review on Virtnext, since this time we have seen this application take the binary option world by storm.  For a look back at our last review check out Virtnext Review – The New Real Deal.  This article will look to providing an update on the Virtnext performance, as a follow on from the previous article as promised.


We would like to here from you on how you did.  Have you had a chance to review the latest blockbuster autotrader yet?  Have you faced any drawbacks?  If so please let us know and share your thoughts so our readers can learn from your experience.


It’s been few weeks after Virtnext software was released. As promised we decided to post a Virtnext performance update on how this software is doing.  Unfortunately after posting the review we noticed that many traders weren’t unable to register as we found out that certain countries including Nigeria, India, Israel, Iran and Egypt were not supported to name a few.  For the rest this autotrader is still punching way about its weight and is definitely a must see if you are interested in auto trading.


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Virtnext Performance Machine


So how is Virtnext Performance to date?

We can say that Virtnext performance to date has been highly acceptable standard and provides an ITM ratio of atleast 75%. Although this falls a little bit below the advertised profit potential users can expect to achieve, it still performs much better than most auto traders within the industry.

Regarding the bugs and problems with the registrations unfortunately this are kinks that come with any new product and hopefully in time all this compatible issues will be resolved.  On a positive note we are glad that users have taken to this Virtnext software, and that the software isn’t disappointing. What we are seeing is steady and consistent results which is refreshing for an auto trading software and we hope that it continues that way.


Virtnext Performance review article by Yahoo Finance

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What you should expect from the software?  Well based upon the above Virtnext Performance review and guidance this entirely depends on how much you fund your account and stake on a trade.  We do not suggest you stack trades or invest in money you cannot afford to loose but to invest wisely and slowly build your profits on a gradual basis.

Virtnext Performance Software


How do I use The Virtnext Software Properly?

We feel that discussing this topic will help some of you to reach better results with this service.

To Join 

  1. First Watch the free video and set up a free account here : Join VirtNext Free
  2. In the Second page fill up the Broker Account Sign up form
  3. Deposit Min of 250 Usd to your Account , this minimum deposit can vary based on the broker they assign to you.
  4. Set the Risk level in the Autotrader .Set Risk level Low and Min trade size $25


If you sign up “Today” you will be able to open an account for free on the VirtNext App. This may change at a later point in time where a fee might be attached. Now it’s completely Free !!


To join the Most trusted Binary system – Click on the Logo below


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In Conclusion.

It is safe to say that the VirtNext Algo Trading system is 100% legit  . Reviewers have  guaranteed that this software is profitable and reliable .Sign up for the free software offered by the Virt Next Trading now before it is too late.Check our List of Scam binary options systems to avoid .Share you Comments below .


We definitely recommend using software based on the above Virtnext Performance Review especially for those of you who are looking for automatic trading solutions.  If you do decide to sign up, I suggest that you take advantage of the offer as soon as possible to avoid disappointment down the line. Remember, that if you use the attached to sign up to Virtnext, you will be eligible to join Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook, which is the best, most reliable way of making money by trading binary options.


Verdict: Virtnext is a definitely worth consideration as your first choice autotrader

Want more choice: Check out – our Review on Dow Jones focus Group :- Dow Jones Review 

Keep in mind that using auto trading software is not the only way to make money with binary options. You also can trade directly with a broker, we recommend as very good option the fully EU regulated TopOption, the investment you will need to start there is only $100, and the minimum investment per trade with topoption is only $5, which make him a great choice for a newcomer!


VirtNext Review:- Does this Software work?

Virtnext Software Review
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VirtNext Software Scam? Detailed VirtNext System Review;

VirtNext System seems to be be having a lot of buzz recently and we at Binary Umpire are ecstatic by the initial feedback that have been received on this trading application. This Virtnext Software review will to see what all the hype is about?  Is Virtnext Scam?  Or will our analysis provide a positive conclusion that will make 2015 end with optimistic outlook for the future.


In this article we look to providing a comprehensive review of Virt next Trading App which at this moment is the most talked about Auto Trader and provide an in-depth analysis on this Virtnext review and why we feel that the initial views of optimism by critics are justified.We start with this Virtnext Review by looking at the Slogan which goes “we knock out the market”.   A very bold statement indeed. We are not really one to prematurely go with such hype.  But on this occasion we believe the virtnext system tends to be somewhat different from those that we recently reviewed .  This article will look at why we feel and believe that this auto bot could very well be the answer to everyone’s trading needs, including ours.


Is this Virt Next Software App the new real deal?

This Virt Next Trading Software, as it stands is a newly develop trading software that is set to launch on 16th of November 2015. Vincent Bollore, the CEO behind seems to have created to what we believe to as a top innovative trading platform  binary options traders today.  With Vincent Bollore, we have found a genuine person  as they come.  You too can verify his identify be performing a simple search. Scams often use images instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities. The CEO behind this app resides in France  which you too can easily verify at  The people responsible for this Virtnext software work for VirtNext Investments LTD. Not only is that brand one of today’s best technology companies out there but also a real existent trading company that you can search for yourself!


Virt Next Trading App Presentation

We have reviewed and witness lots of scams in the past and we can honestly say it is very rare to come across such a legitimate Algo-trading system!! During the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers more of which you may find on our BO Blacklist Red Card Page, the to the contrary is not one of them. Instead this Virtnext software is more refreshing and more genuine from the outset, compared to those fakes.


You can use this VirtNext Trading App manually or on auto pilot, by investing in a minimum starting capital of $250.  You seriously can’t go wrong with this Virtnext Software as a trading application. Vincent Bollore clearly stated that VirtNext Trading System can generate you around $70 to $2500 and it’s something completely possible unlike other trading scams that claim to make you a millionaire overnight.


Mike’s Virt Next App Review on YouTube 


After looking at what beta testers elsewhere have achieved over a span of 40 days we reached a solid conclusion with the Virtnext app.  In our opinion this Virtnext software is not only accurate, Virt next Trading app is up there in terms of the professionalism and customer services it offers its clients in the industry.


When visiting the Virt Next trading app website you will find a series of endorsement badges by reputable websites including Binary Options Watchdog and Objective Binary Options.  This is great as it stamps more confirmation on this Virtnext Software and verifies ours and the opinion of the readers who wrote to us regarding the optimism that this Virtnext trading app brings.

virtnext review is also user friendly for those who plan to use this automated software on the go, we quickly reviewed some details and tested that the app was very responsive and fast.  Trading at work can be a real hassle and sometimes very time consuming. Trading does require patience and being selective on choosing only those high probability trades that are likely to be successful.  With this VirtNext system it will make things a lot easier to multi-task.


We also found connections with Virt Next website to CNBC which is completely outstanding. VirtNext Investments LTD has made sure to make this auto trader efficient and tested by many traders which gains them more credibility than those scams that rely on fake actors and deceitful reviews.  Vincent Bollore states that the VirtNext system has been back tested in all trading markets from the most volatile to the less volatile sessions.  The success of this Virtnext App as a Trading system is undoubtedly attributed to the 4 years in which it was being development and back tested, the immense infrastructure of the company and a very hands on ‘CEO.’


This Virtnext Software is completely transparent and has detailed reporting of its members success available for your viewing on the promotion. This sort of transparency shows evidence that scam tag is not applicable when judging this trading application.  In fact this openness should be commended as refreshing as it is not normally something you will find from a typical binary options trading scam.


Virtnext Software Review


Virt Next Investments Additional Points

So Virtnext App is being heralded as a genuine automated binary options trading system. Consider these additional noteworthy points:

  • The organization, did attempt to go public previously. However, a business decision was made to cease the move due to unrest created by Michael Lewis.
  • His writings about a secret online depository of insider information in his book “Flash Boys” stirred up the investment industry. In part the book discusses insider’s using technology that allowed certain companies to get information and pricing milliseconds before it would reach the rest of the market. Debates among the authorities have deemed it unnecessary to take steps against algo-trading companies. The return to the “go public” plan is again underway.
  • Figures reported by this investment firm have been submitted for verification by the proper Securities Authorities in the USA. The Japanese Stock Exchange officials have reviewed the companies’ numbers as well.
  • The software itself is a free sign up with the obvious requirement for the user to fund a compatible broker account.
  • An astounding 97.6% of  Binary Options trading systems members have recommended and vetted there success to others and a further 88% would highly recommend new comers or existing Binary Options traders to try out the system for themselves. These figures are outstanding and are virtually unknown in the industry.


Virt Next Trading App Testimonials

So here’s something refreshing, we have not found any actors on the site! We really have not been able to dismiss this Virt Next System like we have been able to do so easily with other Binary Options trading system reviews. This is no Virtnext scam. As far as we can tell, the Virtnext app  is the real deal!

Virtnext Testimonial

Michael Freeman did a glowing review of the Virtnext system, and that really impressed us! He even went so far as to say “It may come across as if I’m jealous, but it’s not the case at all. I admire the software”.  For more details on his review check out the Binary Options Channel.


How does this Virt Next App Compare to Others? Real Evidence:- Virt Next Review Conclusion 

Is Virtnext Scam? Based on the VirtNext System Review above and the evidence outlined we have seen thus far we believe this Virtnext Software to be a Trusted App!  To Find out more – check out their the website  It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary trading signalling app, as many of them are misleading but after looking at the evidence and seeing what our research has shown we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the on line trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software!


This is why we strongly encourage our readers to test it out if you considering investing in a auto trading signalling service. VirtNext App will not disappoint you, in terms of performance and the quantity of daily signals. If you found this review, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money with any signals service or binary options brokers.


Virtnext Software Review – Proven and Tested!

virtnext software signals


Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist.  We encourage members of this VirtNext software to share your testimonials and feedback below this review on our Virtnext Review and the software in general. For alternatives to this software, visit our Recommended Signals. In case you are absolutely new to Binary Options, you can trade with the which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies who offering this services.

Thank you for reading our Review on this Trading App