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The Bonus Busters a Possible SCAM!!

The Bonus Busters is a new trading bot that has been released on the 5th October. What you would see is the emails , text messages and the standard blog sites trying to hype up the site.  Now we are not sure about the accuracy of this system but what we do know is that a lot of buzz will start roaming around it soon.


So what have have found out about the bonus busters:

  • The Bonus Busters has the same developer as 100 Percent Profit Bot, which did unfortunately succumb to alot of negative reviews so could this be another hit at the ‘cherry pie’ by these potential scam bots only this time they are coming to you with the same scam just a different name.
  • The Bonus Busters video, claims that they want to revenge on the brokers stealing your money. Like we haven’t heard that one before. Revenge is not a sweet game and we should remove emotions out of trading as it can become messy in the long run
  • Then thirdly, he asks you to keep quiet about the bot and not share with anyone? Yeah right wait till you start seeing those emails than you know that this is not a vip offer but another auto trader that is going to marketed heavily.
  • He claims he has left 100 Percent Profit Bot. So he left the scamming bot, as he didn’t agree with them or he decided hang on he might one to have re-market the initial offer but with a different slogan altogether. Same product ‘different packaging’ maybe.



On the Alex Goldman our presents talks about his previous bot as a scam.  Honesty is the best policy ?  So if he admits to it , then it would be nice if they actually issued a refund to all those who have been scammed. We couldn’t find anything on him except that he worked with Mike S on 100 Percent Profit Bot. At least on the upside he maintained his same name which is a little refreshing to say the list.  Alex Goldman goes on to explain to you that the reason he is able to help you turn a profit is because of his High Frequency Trading Algorithm.


The idea of the bonus bot is that it is volume based and would mean that this bot works on trading your initial deposit plus the deposit .  This would mean that your deposit would be locked until the bot turnarounds the required volume to unlock the bonus to a point where it becomes redeemable. The refreshing thing is that Alex Goldman doesn’t promise millions like we see with other recent promotions. Infact the only profit he is offering you is double your money, meaning that if you deposit $1000 and the broker gives you $1000, he is saying that you will be able to withdraw the full $2000 plus a bit extra that the bot was able to trade for you, doubling your money in 30 days.


Bonus Busters Promotion


We are a bit unsure of this one, as on the one hand it doesn’t guarantee millions and is a bit more realistic in terms of what can be achieved.  On the other hand it does mean with a bonus one would not be able to react if it is a scam as the bonus would literally tie one’s funds until volume requirement has been met.


Although we are unable to verify the true nature of this system we do recommend tried and tested services which thus far have received positive feedback.

1. Mike’s AutoTrader – A great and famous AutoTrader
2. Gold Digger App – For traders who love trade with commodities


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We wish everyone a happy and successful trading future in your trading endeavours

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