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The Star Wars Binary Bot! SCAM! Honest Review!

Star Wars Binary Bot Released 30 December 2015 overview:- Ladies and Gentlemen, the Star Wars Binary Bot is the latest auto trader to have been released in the marketplace. This review is objective and important for those who may consider to join  It is more likely or not that you will see some blog or email marketeer from the dark side promote this auto bot with little or substance to back up their verdict as to why they would think that the Star Wars Binary Bot is anything but a scam.


The alleged CEO and developer Allen Vader, who’s apparently a big Star Wars Fan, is comparing the “Dark Force” from the famous movie to Dark Pool also known as Dark Liquidity! Also, provoked by the movie he calls his members, “clones”.  Is this a Joke “clones”, since when have beta testers been referred by this term.  This whole star wars presentation surprising falls in the same week the new Star Wars Film is to be released .   The New Skywalker film is likely to be a marvel , a gem and well worth the wait .  However the bot where the whole presentation looks like it has been dubbed from the Start Wars Console Game is nothing but a scam, and should not be considered in the same breadth as the force.


Star Wars Binary Bot Dark Pool


It should be obvious to most visitors who stumble upon this “opportunity”, that we’re dealing with a lunatic fraud and this “Allen Vader” is not a legitimate binary options trader, in possession of a software that can generate you millions. Before we get to the facts, we wonder how being a Star Wars fan for your entire life, qualifies you to advertise that you can help investors generate so much money, we just don’t see the connection.


The story behind Star Wars Binary Bot. The narrator Allen Vader claims that he worked for Morgan Stanley, J P Morgan and Citi group, and he is a well-known financial trader, describing himself as “one of the best traders in the world”.  Well that sounds like a very impressive c.v. and with such a well diverse background such as work for these three top firms would make anyone stand out of the crowd if it were true.


After that little story about his background he talked about how he have inside information from the dark pool, and how he was on his way to create his own Hedge Fund in Manhattan but suddenly he decided to leave this idea , and develop the star wars binary bot.


Star Wars Binary Bot System



Star Wars Binary Bot, Success rate Claims and Profit Expectation!

Based on the information extracted from the video presentation, the star wars binary bot has over 86% accuracy and it’s able to generate $17000 per day. We doubt that this success rate is real but let’s pretend for a second that it is! Even if you trade with such accuracy you will need to trade high volumes to generate 17k per day, reaching this target with $250 initial investment is not possible! A concept commonly referred to as compounding which as most seasoned traders would know by now is dangerous and risky.


Another problematic issue with the Star Wars Binary Bot domain is the freshness of it, based on Who.Is and Google Trends it was created towards the end of November of 2015 which is about a month ago. Allen Vader seriously expects binary options traders to believe that in one month, his software from down under generated for its members over $120,000,000?! I mean seriously does does he think that we are going to believe in his dark methods.  Dark Vader Aka Allen Vader is not even his real name , so how can we trust what  we are going to follow him to the dark side.


Allen Vader, the founder of claimed to have worked for Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and CitiGroup in the past and even if it was true, it doesn’t necessary mean that he knows anything about BO day-trading let alone qualify to produce a system that’s main purpose is to source and generate signals for would be binary option traders.


If this guy was a former employee of some of the biggest investment banks in the world, the Star Wars Binary Bot support should be able to send you a link to his LinkedIn page or a resume which you can verify, we tried and could not find any evidence of him anywhere in Google, Linked In or other social media network.


Star Wars Binary Bot, the testimonials of the clones, pardon members!

When we jump onto the next page of the star wars binary bot scam, we notice 3 testimonials from people speaking like they are fans of the new rising culture called “JEDISM”. Anyway they are just fake paid actors. We will expose the first clone named John Saggato, who claims that he became a millionaire by using the Star Wars Binary Bot scam.


Star Wars Binary Bot Testimonial


The Dark Pool Overview

The daily turn over of the Dark Pool is a mystery, and it is un-predictible, but it has created countless millionaires and billionaires who have taken advantage of the success of the Dark Pool so it goes during the video promotion. With the dark pool, a $1 trade becomes $2 into the Dark Pool, or $3, or even $10. The profits are unlimited in the Dark Pool, which is why it used to be exclusive to such Billionaires such as George Soros and Warren Buffett, individuals who are famous from their overwhelming success in the Stock Markets through prediction, at least until now.The Dark Pool that is behind the Star Wars Binary Bot software review is powered by trading from Binary Option traders.


Binary Option traders affects the Dark Pool both positively and negatively. The more Binary Option Traders that use the Star Wars Binary Bot software review bot to access the Dark Pool the more effective the Star Wars Binary Bot software is and the more trades per day, means more profits for everyone that access the Dark Pool within the Star Wars Binary Bot Binary Option.


Let’s forget about the many typos all over this fake website, including the “99% of successful forecasts” which means that you are being promised 99 winning trades out of a total of 100, does it make sense to you? In reality binary options involves high risk and even the best traders in the industry can’t generate an ITM success rate of over 80-85% over time, you will certainly not get a flawless win rate with one of the strangest offers we’ve seen this year, Star Wars Binary Bot, you won! What is “Private Club of Dark Traders”? This is just crazy!

Starwarsbinarybot Pool Category – Yeah Right

Star Wars Binary Bot Force



Star Wars Binary Bot Review, the Conclusion.

If you decided to join this automated scam machine, we invite you to share your feedback below this review and let us and other readers know as much as you can tell us about the true ITM, your experience and the impression you have regarding As we claimed at the beginning, with this star wars binary bot review we aim to prevent all the Star Wars fans from investing with this software! There is nothing real inside the website of this service, you better spare your money and buy yourself a nice $250 present.

Verdict: Star Wars Binary Bot Is a Scam! Avoid this bogus service, Allen Vader is a fake personality.

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Our team will not be testing this new service and encourage others to avoid doing so as well. It’s not really free and no binary options auto, semi-auto or manual service is actually free as you will need to deposit money with a broker.

In case you are working with a lower budget and can’t afford to trade with an auto-trader, which normally requires you to deposit at least $250, you can start this journey with a legitimate broker that can offer you a free demo and a low deposit minimum / trade minimum such as You can deposit as low as $20 and execute $1 trades. For beginners it may be a great way to give it time and see if on line trading is for you. New Comer To binary options industry? Don’t forget to check our scam list, it can prevent you from signing with similar to star wars binary bot other scams! For decent alternatives we invite you to check out our trusted binary options signals

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this review and may the force be with you.

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