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Theory Gamma Scam
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The Theory Gamma Scam Review!


Read our honest opinion before you sign up with this poor scam software. The Theory Gamma is the is the latest auto trader that has launched earlier this week. It is basically  a recreation of an old system and doesn’t not tend to offer much compared to the other auto traders within the industry.


Gordon Stewart, 35, is apparently the brains behind this movement. Read our review and find out why you should not be part of the Theory Gamma software.  It is more likely or not that team behind The Theory Gamma movement would have started sending invitation emails to some of our readers.  We ask our viewers not make hasty decisions of signing up to this software without reading our review in its entirety.


Why The Theory Gamma is a scam?


First let’s take a look at the credentials of our so called CEO Gordon Steward. Our research shows that he has been involved in numerous other offers indicating that he is basically  just a paid actor.   His filmography include a star studded role in the cameo cinematography scams like 


Snapshot from

Theory Gamma theory of Wealth


Theory Gamma Scam


The Presentation

The whole presentation video of Theory Gamma revolves around a professor, namely Pranav Gupta. We have found out that no such professor exists and that it’s just one more fake identity added to this scam software.  You can do your own research regarding the newspaper and the professor, they both do not exist!

Theory Gamma News Review


The Testimonials

Just below the video, you will notice that there are some pictures of traders with their testimonials and experience of the software: Michael, Maria, Sean, Barbara, Mike, Jenna and Tina. They are all fake identities, those people have not really tested and traded the Theory Gamma software.

Testimonial from Barbara, with her opinion about the so called ‘professor Gupta’ and the ‘Theory Gamma software’ and below a Google search of her other promos:

Theory Gamma Fake Testimonial 1




Michaels comment on the software and below a Google search of his other promos:

Theory Gamma Fake Testimonial 2


Theory Gamma 2


Finally you will notice that the whole website is flooded with verification badges.  These are all fake and not click-able bringing the whole legitimacy of this software into question.



The Theory Gamma AKA The Theory of Wealth is poorly designed , its legitimacy is debatable and we would recommend all viewers to to stay away from this scam software.


If you are newcomer to binary options industry we definitely recommend you stay clear of bogus services like the theory gamma. If you seriously consider starting a binary options trading carrier we advise signing with direct binary options regulated broker like TopOption. Please make sure to trade only with money you can afford to lose and wont damage your personal status!


Check out virtnext the most well endorsed service: 

Virtnext Theory Gamma theories more Legit

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