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Thousand Dollar Days Trading App is a Scam; Honest Review

The Thousand Dollar Days software is another app that is tending to take another swipe at the market.  This app which was launched around the same time last year, is again going to make another attempt this month.  In case you’re not aware Binary Options is a type of financial trade where you bet against a stock or commodity (normally monetary exchange rates) going up or down. If you guess right you get your money back with a bit extra, approximately 70% or 80% of your investment.  If you predict wrong you tend to loose the investment made on a particular asset pair or stock portfolio.


The re are no special tricks on the sales page, which is unusual but at least one saving grace. It does state that there have now been 2211 consecutive days of $1000 trades but there is no evidence to back this up

Thousand dollar Days


If you are looking to lose some money, you should go ahead and give it a try. In reality, this is another scam, a pure example of the average money-making scheme targeting binary options traders with fake promises.  The video itself starts with audio from some “customers” stating how Thousand Dollar Days has made their life better.There is no evidence to confirm who these people are and they sound like paid actors to me, their statements are just too much like sound bites to ring true.The narrator states his name is David Sampson and that he is the head trader and co-founder of Thousand Dollar Days.


“A Team of Regulated Traders” as they state yet when I contacted their support to get some kind of a regulations or license number, they completely ignored my request. I highly doubt any claim made on the website. The fact that they guarantee a $1000/day for each member who joins is already enough to raise suspicion. Of course I can be picky and also mention the fake testimonials, snapshots, misleading disclaimers, lack of support and a list of warning signs I can go on forever.


We hope that this review will serve as a warning for new traders or anyone who is seeking to make money online in a legitimate way. We can tell you right now that, without trying this, this is a %100 pure scam and I won’t dare invest $1 dollar let alone $1000 dollars on this scam software.



There’s also nothing backing this up except the potentially empty words in the video. Even their (government required) disclaimer states that:




Which means that, actually they can’t and don’t guarantee anything.  Let’s set the record straight in reference to these so-called “Risk-free Automated Signals,” these terms are often the composite work of shady rogue dealers who do not know squat about the trading industry. Binary options is highly risky and lot’s of scam operations leverage on the great demand for quality systems and brokers. We encourage you to trade with an EU and CySEC regulated binary options broker instead of taking any risks with fishy brokers who are cooperating with scams like 24 Option.


24 Option Broker


There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the thousand dollar trading app Scam System system will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment. If you would like to try some auto traders with proven results, please check out our updated binary options signals page which have all a variety of options that have been proven and tested for you to choose from.

Please check our positive reviews on Copy Buffett Software and the Tauribot App which have received positive feedback.

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