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Trade Forecast Scam Review!
Read our unbiased opinion regarding this auto trading software.

Today we at Binary Umpire are going to review the Trade Forecast app, a new binary options automated service that has a lot of potential and is becoming increasingly popular in the trading world.


The creators this software have developed this software with a view to scan for trading setups and execute trades automatically.   It looks for sophisticated patterns, repeats this process on the same asset and various other assets. The software has been designed to read, follow and basically dissect these patterns in order to follow the trend using a structured and methodical approach.


This article will aim to provide a full unbiased review of  this software as well as answer key questions and go through some vital information regarding this app.


The whole process will take a approximately 10 minute setup and you will be required to deposit $250 with a broker that is synced to the software.  The broker you will get assigned with depends on your location.


Trade Forecast comes fully endorsed by key players in this industry like Binary Watchdog which is impressive.  Christ Barlet, the owner of Trade Forecast has made available for a short time period only and is due to go live on the markets fairly soon.


This software has been released  on a pretrial basis and we are privileged to have been the go ahead to review this software.


We feel quite confident in the system, as the couple of team members who got the opportunity to try the system have been able to generate a high performance consistently.  According to the presenter the trade forecast can generate a success rate of at least 80% winning trades.  This is realistic and feasible in our opinion given the systematic and methodical approach the software uses when depicting trades.




Chris Barlet, The owner of Trade Forecast had initially made the system available to 100 members for Beta Testing. Each and every trader made a profit of at least $800 a day, close to $5000 mark by the end of week.


25 Trading members of the Trade Forecast Software



Reassuringly you are able to see during the pitch video that the above 25 members who were able to try and test the Trade Forecast system, a comprehensive list of  their details, the amounts they started with and the amount they are at now, proving again that this is not just another scam.


Chris does not promise that Trade Forecast will make you millions in days.  But he does suggest that should you decide to join the system does have the potential to make you a lot of profit.  It is important to understand that the $800 a day is a conservative approach, this is the developers and promoters of the system just playing it safe.  The system does have the potential to reap more that this quota on days that produce beautiful trends thus creating favourable market conditions that plays right into the system strengths.


Disclosure:-  Although this software is free for a limited time, Chris does gain from each transaction placed through Trade Forecast.  He gets a 5% commission on each trade. This is a kickback and not depleted from your profits, so that’s great news. Chris  has fully disclosed his commissions in the video which is refreshing to see.


The Trade Forecast system as it stands is free and will remain that way for a short period of time.   As soon as it hits the market we expect the price to increase substantially which may include setup fees of $4997 plus a monthly subscription of $459 monthly charge.


Goldman Sachs and Barclays, have confirmed that upon this systems release the market can do nothing but benefit from this systems potential and that the cost of the product as currently proposed will well worth it.


This pre-launch is great news as you get a chance to try out the product before the actual launch comes and fees come into effect. You would also be eligible to a bonus offer from the broker which will help you beef your account for trading.


Hope this review has provided enough information for you to make an informed decision about this trading platform. When you get it a try, please do let us know.


Final Verdict: Trade Forecast is not a Scam!

We hope you enjoyed our review on today and we would love to hear your feedback.Before you deposit money with any binary options broker or signals provider, be sure to first visit our Broker Safe Guide and be sure to always have a good money management plan in place


Thank you for taking you time towards reading this review

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  • I liked the Trade Forecast app when i first saw it, now after reading this article i think i might just give this one a try!! Thank you.


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