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Triana Soft Scam Review

Triana Soft Scam Review. When conducting this Trianasoft software review we have uncovered enough strong evidence to prove that it is a scam.  In this Triana Soft App review we will explain why it is a scam and present you with detailed evidence and observations we have uncovered so you can make an informed decision as we have done about the Trianasoft trading App. by Michael Wedmore and David Campbell is primarily a binary options auto trading software that is designed to conduct trades on your behalf all on autopilot.who created the website. Don’t be fooled by the two actors who are shown during the trianasoft method video, there is nothing legitimate about Triana Soft. It is simply another scam in our long list, that is growing by the day. Is this $10,000 software worth it? Keep reading to find out!


Is Triana Soft a Scam or Legit?

When we first began reviewing Triana Soft we noticed how real it all sounds. The two supposed developers, Michael Wedmore and David Campbell, are incredibly convincing. The first examination of the video gives a very positive outlook. These two traders and developers tell us about something called the “butterfly effect” which guides the strategy behind their auto trading software.


The butterfly effect means that every action on the market leads to a chain effect as another action, which then causes another action, and so on.  These actions all have a measurable fluidity to them. Triana Soft has the ability to gather all these butterfly wings in one place, and then predict the next movement of the butterfly with a 92% winning accuracy. This all sounds really believable, doesn’t it? Let’s break this down and really dig into this so called winning app.


He goes on by mentioning that the biggest factor to price change is the traders sentiment, aside from news, weather reports, etc. Following which, he quickly closes the subject by saying that by using TrianaSoft, we do not need to worry about all these little “butterfly flaps”.   Unlike technical analysis where patterns can be identified and known to be able to work in the trading world, but to ask an algorithm to analyze so diverse fundamental factors may be a little too unreal. As such, we are a not buying the idea that TrianaSoft is capable to actually perform it’s claimed abilities.



TrianaSoft also claimed to have been collecting beta tester which have already earned massive profits by using this software. The auto trading platform is entirely web-based, hence, the possibility of this system existing before it’s creation date is impossible. On top of that, David claims to offer Triana Soft for free right now to make sure that the system is perfect before selling it huge investment firms and charging $10,000 per month subscription.


The TrianaSoft App is a scam service without a shadow of a doubt and in this case, we have no doubt that we are dealing with a very clever production team with an enormous budget that allows them to hire a group of professional actors in order to promote their lame auto trader.  Having said that, Michael Wedmore, the main actor who plays CEO/Founder of the TrianaSoft program has been claiming that three years ago he quit from his last job as a hedge fund manager in order to develop his own money making system that will provide him and his family a financial wealth.

Triana Soft App


Triana Soft Scam Review


David Campbell and Michael Wedmore are not real or let alone software developers. Their company, Triana Soft, is fake. Their website went live about 7 days ago, yet they claim to have been making people profit into millionaires for a few years now. None of this is adding up. If Triana Soft was a real company, why don’t they have a real website that has long established history behind it?


On the top of the website you’ll see that they are claiming that traders in Egypt alone have profited over 67 million pounds in one month. We’re not sure how that is possible since the website has only been live for a few days, several of those days being the weekend when the market was closed. This is just a manipulative lie.


The next lie we uncovered is that Triana Soft will eventually sell for $10,000. Every software makes a similar claim. They do so to trick you into thinking you are getting a fabulous deal and that you’d better act fast. This is all a lie.


Is Triana Soft App Scam?

We can safely say that aside from the well-made presentation and genuine sounding script, there is nothing that can actually show that it is legit. There are no actual demonstration of the software shared aside from the sneak peek of what the platform looks like. The claim of having 92% accuracy can’t be verified aside from the “results” that is being shared in the webpage.


Taking a longer look at the supposed beta testers, we found that ALL of their pictures were stolen off the internet, thus proving that these people are not real, their profits are not real, and Triana Soft is nothing a fake.


Triana Soft App


Look for this pictures on Google and you  will notice they all  one  thing in common and that is they are all stock image photos.  Triana Soft is a devious scam. They lie about their strategy. They lie about their founders. They lie about their beta testers. They lie about their profits. They haven’t told the truth about anything!


Conclusion: Triana Soft is a SCAM!

Thank you for reading our Triana Soft Scam Review. Please message us with any questions and feel free to leave a comment!f you really want to make money through binary options, there are useful software that you can use to make money. Do not buy any program because the sales page promises you that you would make millions. In the first place, you should know that you would never make millions overnight through any program. Secondly, you should know that any program that promises you millions free is not real.


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