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Triple Threat Trade is a SCAM! Honest Review!

Triple Threat Trade Website:


Do not be fooled by the new Triple Threat Trade scam before reading this review.   The website was developed by Mr. Paul Parker whose background is unclear making us question whether his identity is genuine in the first place.  Before we start looking at the tell tale signs that this site is up to no good, let’s address some of the claims and promises mentioned in the promotional video


Triple Threat Trade review in brief:

If you open up the Triple Threat Trade website you will immediately notice the main title “Claim Your $22.4 Million Triple Threat Trade Software That Wins 99.8% Of the Time – GUARANTEED”.   You will notice also several testimonials of their users about the software’s performance.


Paul Parker the owner of that signals service and he claims that he made $23.3M in the past 12 months just by pushing a few buttons and following 3 simple steps and spending just 20 minutes running an automated software that trades for him.


In addition, he said that the Triple Threat Trade app has an amazing 99.8% win rate accuracy. He offers the software for free with no cost or one time fee, only an initial deposit of $250 is required in order to activate your portfolio. You will also notice a counter which runs from 35 min to zero telling you the spaces are limited.


The Facts

Let’s get straight to the facts!  In truth any software that promises you a 99.8% win rate is bogus really.  Its impossible and even unheard of with most talented traders who at best make an average of 80%-85% ITM.  The claim your $22.4 M and the expiry counter are all pressure tactics that are designed to influence you to sign up and deposit.


Paul Parker is not a real person, our initial suspicions at the beginning of this review were also proved valid as on further research we notice his on the website.



Triple Threat Trade



Triple Threat Trade Software




Let’s be clear, this is a fresh service with no credibility or authority. If you search for a different review besides our clear warning related to the Triple Threat Trade software, you will not find any on credible forums and blogs associated with binary options.  If you have first hand experience about this software please feel free to share your feedback below this review but at this point based on their conduct and shady business practices we have no choice but to conclude that we’re dealing with a scam and would strongly advice against investing in this software.


Verdict: Triple Threat Trade is a SCAM!


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