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Underdog Millionaire Pro System Scam Review

Why the Underdog Millionaire Pro System is an Underdog Scam?  Everheard of the Slumdog Millionaire… The Underdog Millionaire unfortunately is in dark contrast to this blockbuster film. We at Binary Umpire, will look to look at this so call Underdog Millionaire and why in reality we feel it is nothing but a scam that warrants a spot in our growing list of black listed auto traders.


If you have been contacted by an email marketeer, seen a endorsing article or watched a video backing the Underdog Millionaire Pro System, we strongly encourage you to read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money into the Underdog Millionaire Pro App.


Website Reviewed:  http://underdogmillionairepro.com/


Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Review

Underdog Millionaire Pro System is a trading application that has been allegedly created by a German Mathematician who goes by the name Albert Friedmann.  The Video itself is very short and does not reveal too much about this trading application.  The promotion in itself attempts that there is a secret society which has generated millionaires over the last 50 years.


When we conducted a basic search for Albert Friedmann, unfortunately we could not find any trace of him.  There are no Facebook or LinkedIn accounts matching the credentials mentioned and there certainly isn’t a trace of him in the binary options industry. Underdog Millionaire Pro is attempting to manipulate you with lies as soon as the video begins. They even make an exaggerated claim that should any investor decide to trade binary options using this application he or she will be assured at least a 95% winning ITM rate.  This by all means is virtually impossible and unrealistic even amongst the very best of traders.





When it comes to trading , ‘guarantees’ , ‘risk free’ , ‘insured’, ‘millionaires’ are all loose words that are mostly associated with the word SCAM.  Surely somehow who acclaims that he earned $1,000,000 in the last year would have been on the cover of some traders magazine or would have been talked about in some trading circle.  The fact that this site is a low production you tube video with no real testimonials induces us to think that this application isn’t worth too much thought or consideration for the purposes of investment.


Underdog Millionaire Pro Review Summary

Limited Scarcity Widget:No
Fake Testimonials: No
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Conclusion and Recommendation

It is becoming more evident that this whole system is nothing but a scam.   The whole website lacks any real evidence to prove any thing else to the contrary.  We would recommend on this occasion that any trader who comes across this slum dog app or Albert Friedmann to simply look  the other way without much less than a whisper at this Underdog Millionaire App.


If that’s not bad enough, they clearly contradict their own claims by having a 1-month-old website. A simple who.is search shows us that the website is only slightly less than a month old, at the time of writing. Yet the underdogmillionairepro.com domain video promotion inclines that it is responsible for creating millionaires over the last 50 years and will do the same in 2017.


We have even noted that this low budget production has a large number of grammatical mistakes and abbreviations on the site, which clearly indicate that this site has been speedily put together probably in someone’s basement. It is shameful that developers do not even have enough respect to scam in style!!


Verdict: Underdog Millionaire Pro is a Scam

Not Recommended for Binary Options Testing

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