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United Trading Network Review – United Trader Software Debunked!!

United Trading Network a plethora , a revolution, a product of ingenuity.  This system which brings about a collateral from that makes the United Traders Worldwide together in a synchronizing effort with one common goal , to make PROFITS.  For the unwary, this system is a trading channel a platform that is designed to revolutionizing the field of online trading in a manner that is not only consistent with its performance and what one should expect but also to make the whole process so much simpler and friendlier for the home user.


Going in depth into the systems core personnel and the brains behind UnitedTrading.cc front we meet an individual , a professor by right whose foretaste in trading binary and forex investment that is brought to the table is  not only in-depth but also refreshing to see. Anthony Grecko no to be confused with the Wall Street Film Epic does show a proficiency in economics and trading standards that we expect to see from specialists who are in the profession of guiding new traders both smoothly and profitably.


United Trading Network Software Review



United Trading Network App Churning Machine

United We Stand , this is the “Motto.” This concept which is emphasized and re-emphasized brings a state of unity and the ideology that is so unique , almost bonded like where the goal to succeed is top priority.  This whole interactive platform stems from a simple minded concept that is designed to give something back to the community.  Make no mistake anyone including the most novice trader can benefit from the systems programming.


United Trading Network App  history for those like us like to observe the roots began via a project initiated by a group of students who basically wanted to create an interactive platform similar “Facebook” or “Google” in online trading. Adam Fletcher the key driver behind this movement recruited an aura of experience during the initiation phase of the UTN Software.  Jaleel Bashir experience trader of financial assets ; Matt Kirby an Investment Banking & Commodity trading expert and Lydia Williamson a statistics & computer programming expert all in parallel to to Fletcher’s vision developed a trading platform that uses advance modelling tactics for assessing and predicting market sentiment and trade patterns into the system. These three also have won the International Investing & Entrepreneurial Symposium for millennials as a young startup.


United Trading Network Mentorship


United Trading Network software incorporates 4 different trading strategies, each of which recommend trades individually. The algorithm then analyzes the results from all 4 strategies, and recommends only those strategies that fit into different models thus reducing the overall risk exposure in the process. The fully automated option is great for beginners. For more advanced specialists the semi-automated option allows users to engage in short term, mid-range, or long term trade expiry times, plus you can also choose to trade in Stocks, Indices, Forex, and Commodities too..


United Trading Network – A Social Platform

It’s simple, straightforward and easy to use. Beginning traders have a pool of  educational tools at their disposal to help them better understand how to trade.  United Trading Network incorporates this in an Educational Center.  Within this system you will have a hands own tutorial of how to use the system including operating and changing from Manual to Automated.


United Trading Network Educational Centre


Furthermore traders are also given a voice through the UTN social trader, a convenient VOTE tab found on the right side of the platform.  This vote and record your opinion for the entire United Trading Network.


United Trading Network is free for a limited time, but they do not reveal how long. Currently the system is open to only 50 spots available,  The entire team is focused on creating the Facebook of online trading.  However, whether this availability is likely to be increased in the future is a question for the developers and would depend ultimately on market wants and needs.  Early and Opportunistic Investors are advised to take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts as there maybe possibility that in the future registrations maybe closed indefinitely once the Social Forum has reached its required Quota. The “News tab” gives traders the most updated and relevant financial news.  Please be sure to check this before making any entries.


Initial Beta Testing Results and Conclusion

The beauty about this system is the algorithm which analyzes potential trades, compares them among the different strategies, and based on matches from these four strategies, offers high quality signals.  This result alone is a profitable software, but the best part is the social trading piece! Overall, early beta tester users have reported 83% win rate. However this success rate can not and should not be considered as a guarantee as ultimately it is dependent on which method is adopted as well as market conditions.  Matt Kirby and Lydia Williamson have created a stimulus for a powerful group an it would be definitely worth checking this out to avoid future disappointment.


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When you register for free with the service,you can find full tutorial on how you can use the whole platform including all the features explained. Binary Options Trading Offers many lucrative opportunities, but unfortunately there are lot of FAKEs as well.  Thank fully a little bit of due diligence comes along way in finding those opportunities that can add to an investors portfolio. Binaryumpire.com is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Thank you for reading this review

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