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Wells Investments Ltd Scam Review!

Wells Investments Ltd is financial Company founded by Nicholas Wells.   The new binary options service is based on HFT algorithm and it’s supposed to lead us into substantial profit levels right after we register.  Remove all doubts concerning Wells Investments LTD by “Nicholas Wells”, it’s a 100% SCAM! In this review we will share some evidence we gathered for the purpose of warning potential day-traders who might consider to invest money with Wellsinvestments.co.  Please be advised this is by no means an endorsement of this product.  It may be to the contrary to what other websites suggest.  However be warned that these websites most times biased to the company review are in more often than not in collusion with the company they are promoting.


The voice narrator aka Nicholas Wells claims that Wells Investment has been around for 5 years working secretly, it still doesn’t explain why the Wellsinvestments.co domain was registered 10 days ago based on Who.is look-up.  This is a highly deceptive offer and well-designed to trap newbies who are searching for day-trading opportunities. We have made our regular investigation and we really didn’t like what we have found inside wellsinvestments.co.


Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review, Dubious Findings!!

The Wells investments asset manager is based on high frequency trading algorithm connected to stock exchange and providing thousands of high probability trades every hour, all this leading to $879+ dollars per hour. Well we highly doubt that this software can provide such staggering profits every hour, well we don’t want to deny that its possible, but for such profits you`ll need very high account balance to rely on, with $250 initial investment is impossible!


Nothing really adds up, the Reuters review by Tanya Agrawal titled “Wells Investments LTD. secretly taking over Wall Street” is fabricated! Tanya Agrawal is a journalist for Reuters.com but she never wrote a single article related to this Well Investments SCAM, and will surely not appreciate her name used to deceive people.




When you land onto the wellsinvestments.co page, you will notice a video presentation, which has the goal to convince us that wells investments ltd is real company with real employees and its new asset manager is capable of achieving great results. The alleged founder is Nicholas Wells who made few interesting statement, which we would like to discuss.  When we conducted our  own research on the company name Wells Investments Ltd. It appears that there is company with such name but it’s not U.S. based like the CEO claims. Its New Zealand Company “Wells Investments Ltd is a public investor founded in 1968. With 11 employees, the company is much larger than the average investor.” As you can see this company is not founded before few years and it does not has 879 employees.


In addition to this you have the classic fake counter trying to entice you to invest without performing any due diligence.  Nicholas Wells, claims that he is famous trader earning millions every year on Wall Street and before he quit his job recently he was working for famous hedge fund. A google search clearly reveals that this person does not exist, this name appears only associate with the well investments ltd Scam website and there is no sign of Wall Street trader with such name.


Wells Investments Ltd



Our investigation couldn’t provide any solid evidence that this software really works. Google search clearly proves that the company and the creator are fabricated. There is no real third party verification that can bring some legitimacy to this software.


Review Verdict: Wells Investments LTD is a SCAM!


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