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WinWin Signals Review
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WinWin Signals App Review; Software System Debunked Scam!! Facts!!

The WinWin Signals App A.K.A WinWinSignals is the latest signalling software application to be launched in the Binary Options Trading industry.  Presented by Monica Stevenson this application emulates and reflects a mirroring image of all the scams that have been exposed far.  If you have come across the WinWin Signals System and you are taken by the promises and guarantees given, Stop!! These are not legit or authentic.  They most certainly are based on any comprehensive facts.  Next section we will take a look at some telling exposing anomalies based on real facts.  These evidences we gathered unravel the truth and form the bases of our viewpoint regarding this shady program.  So sit back, grab a coffee and biscuits, have a read of our WinWin Signals App as have we got something shocking truth for you.


Monica Stevens who claims to be the project Manager behind this supposedly ‘hot product’ that generates profits consistently in the tune of $1,467 per day.  The best forecasting of 2015 is how the software foresees itself that was created by leading analysts and programmers within the trading industry in order to increase the overall average profit of various investment firms over the past 10 years.  Monica who claims to be part of the team that created Candy Crush Saga and a consultant for the Wall Street 2 Movie during her time at Citibank tries to entice us with this project.


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WinWin Signals



In this product launch she identifies herself as not only a consultant but a public relations officer.  Win Win Signals her latest challenge to bring to the wider audience claims this was part of a larger plan by the developers to get people trading stocks. Furthermore, she claimed that this is her second focus group of beta testers, which she offers for the next 6 months for free of charge, and that this should be the final test before the software is released to the wider public.


We would love to say we know what it took to make the Win Win Signals software work, however sadly there were not much of an explanation or demonstration. The approach taken by the advertisers and marketers behind this one, was to purely focus on showing fabricated evidences that are far from the truth.  If you scroll down the website notice a few accreditation’s from Bloomberg, Nasdaq, CME Group, Singapore Mercantile Exchange, Fox Business and BBB Accredited Businesses.  These endorsements are unfortunately all hard coded and not at all legit.  Try independently searching these sites for Win Win Signals and you will note that the WinWin App is not featured anywhere.


Next notice a few press articles featuring the company.   These are not at all authentic and are all photo edited. Do not be confused by Morgan Freeman’s image being plotted as a fan. This is just tricks being played by the shady developers behind this software’s creation.


WinWin Signals Review; Software Endorsement Debunked

WinWin Signals Review


Monica Stevens said that the WinWin Signals App is actually a sophisticated software which predicts the prices of many assets found in todays market place and will provide you with those predicted signals and conduct them on your behalf on your trading account.  Moreover, Monica Stevens has claimed that this group of beta testers / focus group is one step before that they are going to release it to the wider public and the WinWin Signals App will then be charged for thousands of dollars per license.  Unfortunately the best forecasting system of 2015 which was launched only few months ago on the 21st March 2016 makes a lot of bold claims that just does not fit and is impossible.


Try leaving the Win Win Signals App site at this point and you will be hit by a last ditch popup.  Click Stay and the theme featuring the Candy Crush Consultant Monica has changed to Beach Front , Top Hat , Sunset theme to make this site look more luxurious then it really is.


WinWin Signals App Review Scam Exposed!!

WinWin Signals Software App Review


When you scrolling down on the WinWin Signals App website you will be able to find a group of alleged “real testimonials” provided by their real and active traders who have started using with their software and had great results.  Unfortunately evidence suggests whilst conducting our observations for the purposes of this review that these images are nothing but actors and actresses who have been found to be exposing similar scams in the past.


Conclusion about WinWin Signals Software

The Win Win Signals voice actor states that you can generate $1,467 with this trading application is a false statement.  Evidence suggests that this binary options system is nothing but a scam that best be avoided. If you are completely new to binary options trading, avoid making any quick decisions and don’t trust the fake blogs who are promoting unregulated brokers and money-making schemes such as this one.


Conclusion: WinWin Signals  SCAM Verdict!

Not recommended for Testing! 

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