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The Zero Risk Binary App Is Total Scam Software – Avoid!!

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Zero Risk Binary App. by James Austin is the latest binary software to hit the industry.  Please read this important review about the zero software before signing up.   It is most likely or no that you would have heard about this Risk Free Binary App Software via email or some website promoting the software.


We choose to remain impartial to all these things as our main objective is to inform you of our fundamental researches so that if you do decide to join a system such as the zero risk binary app software, then you do so on the basis of an informed decision and not like some blogs tend to do which is to promote something without giving any support to back up their hypothesis.


Is it a scam? Well the first thing we need to depict behind this software is the name. Things like Guarantee, Certified and Profit maximisation are all great but they do not take into consideration the risk that is involved when trading binary options.  When you visit a regulated broker you would always be faced with a risk disclaimer advising you of the potential loss of investment should a trade or series of trades do not end up like as you had hoped.


Zero Risk Binary App as you might already have guessed falls under this category and the name inclines to something that is untrue and not even possible especially when it comes to this industry.


We truly hate seeing people waste their precious time and money on systems that just are not worth even the thought. In order to find out if the Zero Risk Binary App software is a scam, we decided to utilize it just recently in order to write a detailed Risk Free Binary App review on it that says it like it is, from A to Z.


This Zero Risk Binary App program as advertised in the video is supposedly designed and programmed in such a sway that it sources only those trades that have a 100% winning ratio.  Seriously, 100%.  Knowledgeable traders would just stop here and move on look for better alternatives.  However, for those who might be inclined to put this system to the test then let’s look at a few facts.


Why Zero Risk Binary App System is Scam? Red Flags

We should’ve noticed right away that this Zero Risk Binary App system is a total scam just before clicking on the link to be transferred to its official page. Norton Internet Virus system informed us that this website is full of malware.  Most secure binary software portals such as those found with regulated brokers are encrypted with SSL certificates.  This is mandatory and a must as the amount of financial transactions a given broker (the agent) undergoes with a retail trader is lots.


Just like any bank we would like to know that our funds are secure.  By having things like pop-ups, viruses, malware doesn’t tend to instil much confidence in us.


Thankfully, we didn’t attain a virus. Anyway, it’s better to prevent than lament, so be careful when visiting the official website of this Zero Risk Binary App system as they cannot only place your money and time in jeopardy but also your computer, smartphone and tablet.


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Is the Creator of the Zero Risk Binary App an “Expert and of his field”

Just like doctors, lawyers, actors, the only way one can truly understand how good a system truly is would be to look at the credentials of the brains behind it all.


Zero Risk Binary App signals app. was created by James Austin, who considers himself to be an expert in the trading field. What has he done to be an expert? This seems to be the million dollar question. Unfortunately on closer review we could not find any information on James Austin other than biased blogs that reference him as the backbone to this system.


The Catch Behind Give me $250 And I’ll Give You $1,000 FOR FREE!!

They say that they will give you a 100 % deposit bonus, so if you deposit $250 for example, you will get a $250 and have $1000 for trading. But they don’t explain the catch. The deposit bonus is given by the broker. Deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn until you meet a turnover criteria.


Zero Risk Binary App is in fact a simple binary options scam like many others. People behind it are affiliated with brokers and will get paid for every new trader they refer to them. So if you join them, you will have to deposit at least $250 and then you will lose this money by trading through their app. All losses will be taken from your deposit, not from the bonus, so you risk everything.


The Testimonials

Before passing certain judgment on a particular trading program, we attempt to search for any specifics on how a program actually operates.  In particular we look at the testimonials behind the software.  It’s even better when we’re shown with live demonstrations exhibiting visible evidence. Of course James Austin proceeds in showing us his version of “live” trading with the Zero Risk Binary App Software, but we would like independent verification to really stamp the authority behind the software.  Unfortunately the small sample litmus test that we normally do with all the testimonials shown on the video came up to be nothing but fiverr actors paid to look all rosy and smiling for the camera.   The pictures and screenshots below were found on their site to serve as Zero Risk Binary App reviews from “real” traders who’ve pretended to test this dubious automated program.


Check out Kymmy Pops in her latest gig

Testimonial 1Testimonial 2



And below some more links of the fiverr testimonials shown in the zero promotional video






If a system doesn’t conduct what it states to do, you should just forget about it, which is why we are going to forget about the Zero Risk Binary App. It’s just a waste of time to be talking about it. Nobody should give it any one bit of importance.


We want to let you know that we are dedicated in providing you with honest binary software reviews. We are here to serve you in every way that we can so that you can begin making stable money in the trading field.


Should you be interested try a trading software that has a more realistic overview of the expectations it portrays and has been tried and tested with positive results we can recommend the BinaDroid app Review that we recently wrote. It even comes accompanied by a handful of features you would not normally find anywhere else, even on legit programs.  For a in-depth look at the free video check out Binadroid App.


Binadroid App is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking to any of the content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE!  For newbie traders who would like to start with a start with a recommended broker without having to risk investments with an auto trader we can recommend you can trade with the Stockpair which offers members with a user friendly platform for binary options trading. Thank you for reading this review.


Those who seek reliable online trading opportunities should refer to Regulated brokers page. If you have any questions or want to suggest that we conduct a review on a certain system, feel free to contact us so that we can get right on it.


Thank you for reading this review


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